Marketing Plan Topic

10 October 2016

Marketing Plan Topic:Due Week One Complete this form and submit it to the Week 1 Marketing Plan Dropbox. Your instructor must approve your idea, and will give you feedback and suggestions if you need help. You have several options when choosing a product or service for your marketing plan. Consider choosing a new product for a new company (your own) or creating a new product for an existing company. Perhaps you would want to do a product extension of an existing product. You might consider a different approach to marketing an existing service. You can target consumers or businesses.

You may choose a product or service offered by your employer or your own business, or one from another organization. Ultimately, to maximize your learning experience, choose a product or service in which you have an interest and about which you would like to see your product or service come to the marketplace. Make sure there is information available about the industry and target marketing of the product or service you choose. MARKETING PLAN TOPIC Your Name: Product or Service Idea: Samsung Galaxy S III Is your product or service offered by: _x__an existing company? ___a new company imagined for the assignment? Explanation: Samsung Group is a South Korean based company that offers wide variety of electronic products such as laptops, televisions, and mobile phones. Their latest mobile phone is the Samsung Galaxy S III, an Android platform phone that is set to compete with the iPhone. Samsung mobile phones received much appreciation in other countries such as Asian and European countries wherein it dominates the markets in the said countries. However, here in the United States, is faces tough completion over the iPhone from Apple. Who do you think is the target audience? Remember you will need research to confirm this. ): Target audience is anyone who uses mobile phones especially young adults. People in the working communities are also a target as this phone provides great support for business applications. It also targets young people as it offers wide variety of applications through its platform, Android. Are similar or competitive products or services available? List or briefly describe a similar product or service: (If your idea has no precedent in the marketplace, consider another idea). Yes there are similar products available in the market but have different features.

This includes Motorola line of mobile phones, HTC phones, and it’s biggest competitor, Apple’s iPhone. How will your product or service differ from competitors? What is your distinctive competitive advantage? Samsung Galaxy S III differs from its competitors especially from the iPhone in a way that it’s applications can be downloaded for free from the Android App Store, it has bigger screen than the iPhone, it has support for Flash Player, it has 4G connectivity as compared to iPhone 4s’ 3G, and a powerful processor. These differences also serves as the products competitive advantage. Do you have questions for your instructor? None.

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