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5 May 2016

Kraft Food (Nabisco) has been working since the year 1898. For about 109 years, they have increase through natural growth, mergers and obtainments.

Marketing plan Essay Example

This positive fact permits Nabisco to be the chief of the snack maker. Being the main snack maker has permit Nabisco to introduce a diverse selection of foods. However, Nabisco has been indisposed to adjust to the current market trends. The company had an idea to concentrate on creating and producing new versions of the existing products to make them more convenient for the consumers.

However, Nabisco was overpassing that other companies were doing the same thing; they were creating similar products that were cheaper and healthier for consumers. Lately, Nabisco understood and found out about this trend so they began creating healthier foods such as low carb foods, 100-calorie snack packs and low fat foods. By creating and producing these new products, Nabisco has a greater opportunity to be the consumers option one and be the number one company for those people who wants to start a healthy life style.

The new Fat Free Chips Ahoy that Kraft (Nabisco) will be presenting to the society next year will be setting Nabisco as a company that is ready to support those that have decide to have a healthy eating life style. Nabisco is expecting that the new Fat Free Chips Ahoy turn into the number one fat free snacks on the market. Nabisco also expects to increase and expand to other fat free products like Chips Ahoy ice cream, Chips Ahoy piecrust and snack size packages of Fat Free Chips Ahoy for vending machines.

2. Company description In 1903, James L. Kraft from Ontario, Canada, created a cheese-delivery business in Chicago. This business was named “Kraft”, it was producing cheese as well as distributing it, and with the past of the years the company expands in a big way.

Karft-Phenix became a subsidiary of the National Dairy Product Corp in 1930 and in 1923 it was founded by Thomas H. Mclnnerney. Initially the firm was planned to execute in the fragmented United States ice cream industry but later it change idea and expanded into a full range of dairy products. This business expanded its brand internationally in more than 155 countries. It is consider the largest food company in the United States and in the number two position worldwide, behind Nestlé S.A.

The firm has two primary operating units–Kraft Foods North America and Kraft Foods International and its brands are divided into five main sectors: snacks, beverages, cheese, grocery and convenient meals. Seven through eleven of Kraft’s brands bring in more than $1 billion in revenues each year.

“The company is headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. Its European headquarters is in Glattpark, Opfikon, Switzerland. Kraft is an independent public company, it is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and became a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on September 22, 2008, replacing the American International Group” (

Kraft Food Inc., was concentrating in producing new versions of the existing products to make them more accessible to the consumers. However, they were overpassing the fact that others companies were creating similar products that were healthier and cheaper. Lately, Kraft realized this problem and began creating healthier foods such as low carb foods, 100- calories snack packs (fat free Chips Ahoy) and low-fat foods.

The new Fat Free Chips Ahoy that Nabisco, a sister brand of Kraft Food Inc., will be introducing next year will concrete Kraft as a company that is well disposed to support those that have embrace that healthy eating life style. Nabisco (Kraft) is hopping that the new Fat Free Chips Ahoy will be the best and leading fat free snack on the market.

3. Strategic Focus and Plan Kraft food Inc., do business according to seven important strategies: 1) build superior customer brand value, 2) build supper demand through superior customer collaboration, 3) transform the portfolio, 4) expand global scale, 5) drive out cost and assets, 6) strengthen employee and organizational excellence;

7) and act responsibility ( 1. Build superior brand value: consist in improving the Company’s products, using more value-added packaging, and develop innovative new products and managing price gaps effectively. 2. Build shopper demand through superior customer collaboration: recognizes the importance of the Company’s retail partners in fulfilling its vision.

The Company and the customer works together in order to better understand the customer behavior in their stores, to develop in-store programs that can increase the shopper demand and decrease costs through more efficient store delivery systems.

3. Transform the portfolio: The Company is expanding the shift in its portfolio toward business through investment, innovation, acquisition and divestiture (whether global, regional or local) to offer the Company a sustainable competitive advantage, and will better enable its management to focus on opportunities that meet consumer needs and create long-term value of the Company.

4. Expand the Company’s global scale: they focused on increasing its growth prospects in key developing markets that offer the greatest growth potential. In addition, the Company is expanding its marketing and infrastructure investments in large, growing markets, such as Brazil, Mexico, China and Russia.

5. Drive out costs and assets: Contains the Company’s announced three- year restructuring program, with the objectives of realigning and decreasing its cost structure and optimizing capacity utilization. 6. Strengthen employee and organizational excellence: reflects the need to develop organizational capabilities and support employees in meeting the Company’s business challenges, wherever they work.

7. Act responsibly: As the Company struggle for sustainable growth, its seeks business success in ways that honor legal and legal standards and that it also respect people, communities and the natural environment. This strategy involves a commitment to a strong obedience and integrity programs and sound corporate governance, as well as a number of health and wellness initiatives, such as enrich nutrition labeling. Mission:

The mission of Kraft Food is to assist people around the world to eat and live better (GLP). They have the idea to meet the consumers’ in order to found out their needs, so they can make the food healthier, easier and more enjoyable part of life.

They want their consumers to consider them as their first snack food choice. They carefully let the consumers to know how they keep in their mind their wants and needs in order to create the products that will fix to their health conscious lifestyles. Vision:

Their vision is to inform the world, customers, employees, consumers and communities where they sell and make their products. They stated the importance of health and wellness, but they also incorporate all the ways people can eat and live better, such as the comfort of a microwave meal, the enjoyment of a snack and the safety and value of their products. Goals:

To introduce the Fat Free Chips Ahoy in January of 2012. To win new customers who are trying to take care of their weight by decreasing their fat intake. To make Chips Ahoy one of the leading fat free snacks on the market

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