Marketing Research Plan for a Book Company

4 April 2015
This paper examines the book industry and based on extensive research, offers a marketing plan that will insure the success of an established book company.

This paper is a market research study of the book industry. The author conducts an in-depth study of how to market a successful book company, include how to pick a unique theme that will insure the continued growth of the company. The company examined is called The Book Company, and some of the items discussed are its current services offered, the company’s goals, as well as its recent successes. The plan then discusses some of the different objectives of the research proposal which include where to find information that will allow them to provide unique services to their customers. The plan then goes on to discuss the importance of market segmentation and that in order to be successful, it must be developed from the customer’s point of view and must always be revised and updated. The author then goes on to discuss how this will be accomplished through the gathering of information, with all marketing being based upon the customer’s needs. This, according to the paper, then allows the focus to be placed on the ability to receive this information quickly and efficiently. The paper concludes by discussing why these strategies will work and supports the thesis that constant development of how to offer services at the most rapid rate available will allow them to attract the customers who are likely to use their services.
Due to the Attack on America, and the intense recession it brought, businesses are now using the Internet more and more. Many career opportunities have opened up online due to the job market. Consequently, the Internet is now providing employment, communication, new ways of conducting business, and now providing higher education options. Many legitimate businesses are now conducted through the Internet. When the book company first started offering its services, the market was easy. Now with more professional use of the Internet, there is more competition. The University of Phoenix is probably one of our biggest competitors. They had already built up a solid reputation and credibility by the time our company was getting started. We will take all of the competitors on our level and find unique services to offer and bring unique services our competitors are not doing.

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