Marketing Research Proposal Sample

5 May 2017

Introduction: Indian fruit Juice market is an unorganized and newly developing market. Only recently this sector is getting more organized and attracting more players in the market. Though the unorganized corner shop vendors dominate this market, Indian consumers are moving towards branded fruit Juice because of their improvement in health consciousness. Indian fruit Juice market is having a net-worth of 275 crores as of now and increasing at a rate of 35% to per year.

This study was conducted to identify the existing market structure, industry trends, existing players and their tatus in the market, growth possibilities and consumer behavior of existing fruit juice consumers. The study was conducted to understand the total market intelligence so that it can guide any new entrant in this sector in Indian market would get befitted. The study includes both primary and secondary research. Primary research was conducted across India.

Marketing Research Proposal Sample Essay Example

Primary research involves collecting information from both consumers and retailers so as to get better understanding about the market. This research report can serve as a guide for any new entrant who wants to enter in this fruit Juice market in India. The report can also serve as a basic industry information resource. (http://www. reportbuyer. com/food_drink/country_overviews_food/ indian_fruit_]uice_market. html) Problem statement: Which factors influence the consumer purchasing decision for fruit drinks.

Objective * To determine the product attributes influencing purchase decision of fruit drink brands. * To determine the reasons for consuming various fruit drink brands. To determine the most preferred SKU(quantity) in fruit drink category. * To determine the most preferred channel in the fruit drink category. * To determine most preferred fruit drink SCOPE * Study will be carried across different areas of Ahmedabad city. * People of different age groups will be considered in the Study. Study is concentrated on Carbonated and Non-Carbonated fruit drinks.

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