Marketing Research

7 July 2016

Q: A new graduate hired by the marketing research department of a major telephone company is asked to prepare a questionnaire to determine household preferences for telephone calling cards. The questionnaire is to be administered in mall­intercept interviews. Using the principles of questionnaire design, critically evaluate this questionnaire. A: Although it was stated that the questionnaire would be administered in mall­intercept interviews all other aspects of the process were not included.

If they are doing personal interviews, they can be more conversational than what is listed and include visual aids and room for clarification. They should also consider filming the interviews or using audio recording because recording comments verbatim is very difficult and often results in error. Question 10 should be moved up behind the other basic identification questions 1­4. For questions 1­4 it should be explained why the researcher is asking for this information in order to overcome respondents’ inability or unwillingness to answer.

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It should also include the education level of the respondent. Question 7 should be moved behind the identification questions to introduce the topic of calling cards for adequate question structure. This will allow the respondent to communicate their beliefs, motives and attitudes without bias. It should not included the brand AT&T because the respondent might not be informed about this brand’s calling card. The researcher either needs to inform them about it or just use it as a general question for all calling cards. This question is also likely to gain answers such as, “I l

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