Marketing strategies for 3 idiots The days when wall paintings, posters, and hand painted board signs were the most prominent ways for marketing a movie no longer exists. Actors never promoted their films; film-makers never invested a lot of money in promotions and even print media barely created hype. But today’s film industry exhibits a completely different scenario. India is regarded as the world’s largest film industry in terms of the number of movies released per year. Estimates say that more than 1500 movies are releasing in India every year.

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Of which, Bollywood constitutes a major chunk followed by Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam film industry. Now-a-days, movie production houses and actors are looking for strategic and innovative ways to market their product Aamir Khan has always proved to be a marketing reference. He comes up with a slew of amazing marketing strategies to promote his movies or shows. For all those people out there who wants to explore more on marketing of movies, the way he presented his movie ’3 Idiots’, can be taken as the best example.

They followed a 360 degree plan for promoting the film at various stages. MARKETING STRATEGY FOR 3 IDIOTS: * The initial buzz was created with the “Discover India Tour”, in which he travelled to different parts of the country in a disguised manner and gave away prizes to anyone who recognized him. All these actions were recorded and telecasted. * They created a page on twitter by the name “Pucca Idiot”. This indeed created a huge buzz and expectation among the audience. * They also got into t-shirt merchandising marketed by pantaloons.

Aamir had come up with a range of “3 Idiots” t-shirts. * Before the movie’s release, they got into an association with gaming portal Zapak. com. they started a gaming website for the movie. (idiotsacademy. zapak. com) * They also got into an association with Reliance ADAG. Reliance Capital even launched ‘All Is Well Life Insurance Plans’, which was the movie punch line. * Apart from these they also used the traditional ways of promoting the movie, like

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posters, audio launches, trailers on TV and theatres, reality shows, interviews, making of the movie, reviews and previews. Also the controversy between Chetan Bhagat and the movie’s director Rajkumar Hirani created a lot of buzz among the audience. CBFC rating for “I AM” The national award winning “I Am”, is an Indian anthology film by Onir. It consists of four short films: “Omar”, “Afia”, “Abhimanyu”, and “Megha”. Each film is based on real life stories. There are four stories but the characters are interwoven with each story. “Abhimanyu” is based on child abuse, “Omar” on gay rights, “Megha” is about Kashmiri Pandits and “Afia” deals with sperm donation.

The CBFC had given this movie a “U/A” rating, which prohibited the screening of the movie on Doordharshan. The movies to be telecasted on Doordharshan must have a “U” rating. This got Onir a little worked up, as his movie was put under parental guidance even after removing nearly 5 minutes from the 23 minute movie. He also said that he was not angry with the board but the policies that the board holds. His question was simple. “If children are being sexually educated, why not show them through movies? “

The CEO of CBFC said that the board cannot be held responsible for the poor exhibition opportunities or lesser commercial gains of a film. CBFC rating for “Businessman” The blockbuster movie, “Businessman” by Puri Jagannadh has indeed created quite a scandal at the CBFC. The movie has violated provisions of the Cinematograph Act and the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has been taken for a ride. This pertains to the title of the movie. The CBFC cleared the movie with the title ‘The Businessman’ but the filmmakers have dropped ‘The’ on their own. The publicity of the film was done without the definite article.

Such violation – publicizing a movie with change in title – is an offence and punishable up to three years of imprisonment and also with a fine. Another glaring omission was ‘A’ certification. A film which is given ‘A’ certification is meant for only adults. This prompted some activists to lodge a complaint with the police Also, the fact that Mahesh Babu justifies the existence of the mafia in settling problems and even goes to the extent of suggesting that those who do not have a purpose in life would do better to commit suicide rather than be a burden on the earth has created some imbalance.

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