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9 September 2016

Past, present, and future Cafe Najjar was established in Lebanon to satisfy the local consumption with coffee its production was with high quality so it was consumed with high percentages. Then the production becomes more efficiently and the products were exported to the world. By using the new technique, Cafe Najjar is the first in the world to exceed the limits of traditional coffee producing, thus reaching the ultimate in production of oriental coffee, which includes Lebanese, Armenian, Greek, Turkish, and Arabian coffees, and offering to its clientele a perfect taste which will surely set the trend.

With Cafe Najjar, the oriental coffee industry reaches international standards 9 countries meet in Beirut to discover the great innovations of Cafe Najjar. Mission “The first product get your mind when you think to drink coffee is Najjar cafe. ” This is our mission in the local consumption. At Cafe Najjar, main purpose to reach is to develop the complete and genuine aroma of coffee, according to know-how and professional skills transmitted from generation to generation. By that the concentration of our company is to have the unique taste of coffee. Product Definition Najjar Cafe is responsible for producing good quality of coffee .

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At Cafe Najjar; we choose your coffee flavors depending on their origins and according to fragrances that suit you best. So we produce coffee with different flavors that is convenient for all types of people. Some of the kinds that Najjar Cafe produces are coffee with cardamom, coffee without cardamom, classic… Positioning and Distribution The coffee quality requires professional tasters since the “nose” of a human being remains the most reliable way of controlling a high quality coffee. This is why at Cafe Najjar’s factory; tasters are one of the most essential elements.

Those tasters almost are mature in other word they are above eighteen years old. So that the positioning of our products is concentrated on the areas that are reach with these groups. Our strategy determines that the production must be distributed in any place of the world because of its high demand from all social classes, cultures, subcultures …So that the our products must be found in all markets but there must be a concentration on the tasters group. We adhere to provide our consumers with sufficient products wherever they are found. Packaging and Fulfillment Stale coffee is the last thing coffee lovers expect!

This is why packing is a fundamental process. It needs precaution, care and sophistication. Therefore, at Cafe Najjar, we have chosen to adopt vacuum soft packing with a one-way valve, keeping the ground beans in a neutral environment and allowing the precious blend to breath. New packs at Cafe Najjar are elegant, refined, with warm colors, and finely designed to protect the famous mixture no other beverage can equal in taste, flavor and aroma Our packagings are brown color-the color of the coffee –that makes the eyes of the consumer bewitched also the lovers of coffee focus on this color that symbolize to the coffee.

Consumer Promise “If you taste it once you will no more ask for others. ” This statement is considered as a watchword for all of our activities. Our production is with high quality so that we have had the promise from all our consumers. To seduce coffee lovers with an incomparable and unique blend of aromas, the factory is equipped with state-of-the-art devices and machines that capture coffee’s precious volatile flavor oils and bring out the aromatics and essences of coffee beans. Coffee making is an art we master with professionalism, from generation to generation.

The studies decided that the number of consumer is approximately constant even though the price has been increased. These studies ensure that Najjar Cafe own the promise. To conserve this promise we avoid the bluff of the consumers by producing high quality. SWOT analysis The different processes that lead to the production of Najjar Cafe are roasting; grinding, packaging and cleaning . These processes make the coffee differentiate from one kind to another. For this reason our factory focuses on these points to make the coffee with unique flavor.

SWOT analysis: Analysis of an organization’s strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats in order to identify a strategic niche that the organization can exploit. Najjar Cafe is distinguished with certain strengths and opportunities related to the internal factory process and external procedure. According to the most rigorous parameters, coffee beans go into screening machines which extract undesirable pieces and leave the beans free of elements that could alter their taste, offering thus the best quality to the consumer.

At Cafe Najjar, coffee beans are treated with an awed respect due to the aura of mystique and mystery developing around them. Here, at Cafe Najjar’s factory, coffee making is an art we master with professionalism, from generation to generation. In the other hand we have mentioned that packaging is an important element in our company, especially the vacuum packaging which is much healthier. At Cafe Najjar, roasting is an essential operation during which a molecule chain reaction is activated and coffee beans’ oils submitted to a fundamental transformation.

Roasting is the art of coffee preparation where the very essence of coffee beans is released. Raw beans conceal their flavor. It’s only with high temperature inside the roaster that coffee oils gradually develop to reach a perfect balance of aromas and colors. At Cafe Najjar, roasting is an essential operation during which a molecule chain reaction is activated and coffee beans’ oils submitted to a fundamental transformation. At Cafe Najjar’s factory, we proceed to the cleaning of the beans with ultra sophisticated and modern equipment that eliminate impurities and remaining fragments.

At Cafe Najjar, coffee beans are treated with an awed respect due to the aura of mystique and mystery developing around them. Competition Competition, in economics, conditions that are present in markets where buyers and sellers interact to establish prices and exchange goods and services. Economic competition is the means whereby the self-interest of buyers and sellers acts to serve the needs of society as well as those of individual market participants. Society is served when the maximum number of goods is produced at the lowest possible prices.

The direct competitions for Najjar Cafe are Star Cafe and Maatouk. Threats |Opportunities |Weakness |Strength | | |High price | Its unique taste | Bad grinding|Qualified roasting and |Najjar cafe’ | | | | |packaging | | |high price |high quality |Bad packaging |Qualified grinding |Maatouk | | | | |process | | |low price |low quality |Bad roasting |Qualified roasting |Star cafe | We conclude from this table that each of these two companies has strengths and opportunities permit the competition of our company.

Maatouk and Najjar are in the same level concerning the quality so that the competition between Najjar and Maatouk is related to the quality . Each of these two companies is distinguished with their unique taste and high quality. Concerinng the price, Najjar and Star Cafe are in competition since the last is using the low price strategy while Najjar is using the high price strategy. We conclude that the competition between the companies differ as a result of SWOT analysis. The end result is that Najjar own its quality to compete the other companies especially that of low price. [pic] By this graph we can know the market share percentage of these companies in Bekaa region.

They are approximately equal to each other this means the competition is high between them . They provide the market with more than 50% of the total percentage, this is considered as a high percentage and make our company moves in a right way. Advertising Advertising, a form of commercial mass communication designed to promote the sale of a product or service, or a message on behalf of an institution, organization, or candidate for political office. Evidence of advertising can be found in cultures that existed thousands of years ago, but advertising only became a major industry in the 20th century. The range of media includes newspapers, television, mail, radio, magazines, the Internet, and outdoor signs.

In our company, we take into consideration the importance of advertising so we choose the right methods of advertising that have a great impact on the consumers. We use the television to present our products because it shock the audience . Television has its effect since it uses the different senses to bewitch the audiences. It uses the hearing, the seeing, and sometimes the touching and tasting. Also we focus on the time since it is an important factor in having good advertisement. We have chosen the time when all people are watching TV between 7o’clock and 10o’clock. This the perfect time for our advertisement. There is another perfect time which is at morning, in this time all coffee lovers drink it so that they will pay attention to the advertisement at this time and may affect them.

On the advertisement we make the audience feel of its taste and having the willing to buy it . We use the other method of advertisements such as posters, radio, magazine, internet… Pricing The price of our products differs according to the theory of supply and demand . We start with high price depending on the customers that look for the good quality . But this way of pricing stay for a period then it has been changed because of the world market changing . Although there was a changing but the price of our product is still high with respect to the our market product. The price of our products is high because of the using of high quality of coffee beans .

Also the modern technique used in grinding, roasting, packaging lead to the rising of prices because of the high costing of these techniques. International Distribution The Guests, gathered from different countries were: Mr. Daniel Ephraim from MPE Chicago –USA Mr. Dominique Crosnier Leconte from Gennevilliers – FRANCE Mr. Harris Charlambous from Nicosia – CYPRUS (Representative of the People’s Coffee Co. with 65% of the Cypriote coffee market) Mr. Costas Costoglou from Athens – Greece (Representative of Bravo S. A. with 42% of the Greek coffee market) Mr. Johny Jabra from Bucharest – ROMANIA (Representative of Noval Brasilia brand, with 65% of the Romanian coffee market) Mr. Walid Ben Yedder from Tunis Representative of Cafe Ben Yedder, with 68% of Tunisian coffee market) Mr. Majdi Abdul Maabound form Cairo – Egypt (Representative of El Yamani coffee, with 42% of the Egyptian coffee market. )

Mr. Samer Haddad from Syria. It is worth mentioning here that, considering the importance if this event, Mr. Dominique Crosnier Leconte has specially come from France to present, on behalf of his companies, a special machine that will assure the transportation of the coffee from the “MPE 999” machine directly to thepackaging machine. Business and Computer University Course Introduction to Marketing Major Management [pic] NAJJAR CAFE Submitted by Fall semester 2005-2006

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