Marketing Strategy of Cadbury

12 December 2016

Eclairs, Celebration, Temptations, and Gems, In milk food drinks segment, Cadbury’s main product –Bournvita is the leading malted food Drink in the Country. * Sell three kinds of confectionery : chocolate, gum and candy * Operates in over 60 countries. * 35000 direct and indirect suppliers * 187 years old * 45000 people are employed Company Analysis The company * Parent company: Cadbury plc * Indian subsidiary: Cadbury india ltd (CIL) * Cadbury is the worlds no 1 confectionery company and is 200 years young …..

The mission Mission- “Cadbury in every pocket” Company analysis Market share :chocolate Customer Analysis Customer decision making process Competitor analysis 1. Cadbury- Cadbury, 5Star , Bytes (chocolate snacks) Celebration, Dairy milk , Gems, perk 2. Nestle- Barone, kitkate, milky bar, munch, nestle 3. Amul- amul (choco zoo, chocomines) 4. Dairy milk is the market leader 5. 5 star- (heritage brand which came to India in 1969) has a market share of over 14% Competitor Analysis SWOT Analysis Strength * Reputed Internally as the topmost chocolate provider in the world. The brand is well known to people & they can easily identify it from others * Cadbury the world leader in chocolate , is a well known force in marketing and distribution * Users have a positive perception about the quantities of the brand * Cadbury has well adjusted itself to Indian custom. Weaknesses * There is lack of penetration in the rural market where people tend to dismiss it as a high end Product ,it is mainly found in urban and semi- urban areas. * It has been relatively high priced Brand , which is turning the price conscious customer away. People avoid having their chocolate thinking about the egg ingredients Opportunities * The chocolate market has been one of the greatest increases in the recent times (almost @30%) * There is lot of potential for growth and huge population who do not eat chocolates even today that can be converted as new users. Threats * There exits no brand loyalty in the chocolate market and customers frequently shift their brand * New brands are coming and existing brands are introducing new variants to add to an already overcrowded market. PEST Analysis

Marketing Strategy of Cadbury Essay Example

Political * Political decisions can affect Cadbury’s these can be either advantages or disadvantages, if taxes increases, therefore consumers decrease and sales of stock decreases,however is taxes decrease the likelihood is consumers will buy more. * The government is very concerned about obesity heart problem costing the NHS more each year Economical * If the Minimum wage was brought down, this would mean more money for Cadbury’s but would also result in ,low sales from the consumers. * The interest rates can have an affect on Cadbury’s . f the interest rates were high then Cadbury would not want to borrow as much money for expansion Social * Trend in snacking- increase in people eating on the ‘go’ (vending machines) * Local residents with small Businesses near Cadbury’s worlds would benefit from the money that is being brought in by visitors. * More people are health conscious –will read ingredient content. Technological * Better equipment * Cost of machinery * New machinery * Maintenance Market segmentation Demographic * Age Group- (3years to 18Years) (18 years to 25 years) (25+ years)

Behavioural * Occasions –Diwali, Rakhsha bandhan etc Psychographic * Cadbury became a part of lifestyle Market strategy (4Ps) Product * Cadbury dairy milk * 5star * Perk * Celebrations * Temptations * Eclairs * Gems * Bubbaloo * Bourniville * Dairy milk silk * Halls Price Discount – discount offers in festive sessions Price is an important element of the marketing mix, the price charged for chocolate bar can determine whether a consumer will buy it and the level of sales achieved can determine whether or not Cadbury Schweppes will make a profit Place

Cadbury dairy milk is produces at chocolate factory- Manufacturing facilities at: 1. Thane 2. Induri(pune) 3. Malanpur(Gwalior) 4. Bangalore 5. Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) Promotion * Advertisement on TV * Internet * Newspapers, magazines * Hoarding * Promotion through brand ambassadors. Short & long term Projection * Cadbury should bring out new products for health conscious people. * It should continue to promote itself as substitute to mithai * Should use Indian ads and avoid global ads in India * New flavours should introduce like strawberry, orange , vanilla etc.

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