Marketing Strategy

7 July 2016

1. Social media advertisement such as Facebook and Twitter. Through this activity of creating advertisement, their business will be more visible to the public and will be known to the market. People would just hit share and likes, and a possibility to reach to the people who are in need of a dormitory.

2. Flyers and Print ads. Flyers will be given anywhere, like outside the school, crowded area, and offices, along the streets or in any event that the flyers could be distributed. Make sure that the flyers that will be distributed has the information that the consumer needs to know and noticeable to the market. They will post tarpaulins near schools, offices and on their designated target markets. So that people will notice and be aware of this area.

Marketing Strategy Essay Example

3. Commission based Referrals A form of payment to an agent for services rendered.

4. Word of Mouth Seeding a message or information to a lot of people. So that consumer has an idea were to go if they will find a Dormitory or they will refer it to someone.

5. Text Blast Forward text messages about the Dormitory of those in need and give information about the Dormitory.

Action Plan 1. Product Improve services, like security guard. 2. Price Minimum of 2600, max 3500 (fixed price) Price must be affordable especially one of their target markets is students. 3. Place It has laundry area, cafeteria, rooms 4. Promotions Tarpaulin should be place near schools, terminals, along the streets. Flyers must have more specified information and must be given to students, offices, along the streets or crowded area.

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