There Is no space for comfort in this throat-cut competition. And our Educational board is providing relief to the students by Introducing grading system in board. In my view grading system will made students more relax & there will be no competition to score good or high marks. This will directly affect their competitive attitude, which is I think will be not good for students. In this world, lack of competitive attitude in a person meaner they will not survive in he world.

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Students are the future of their country, so how can they bright the future of their country when they are no where in this breath-taking world…?? As we all know, there is two sides- one is positive & another one is negative. Our Educational Board who thinks to reduce the suicidal cases of students. But what bat the students who are getting more than 90% marks…?? Let us consider, f a student gets 90% & another one Is getting 85% but the grade awarded to them is same…. Hen what Is the SE of 90% marks. This will totally discourage them. They will be depressed. They will think what’s the need of so much hard working when there is no use of it. Take a real experience of mine in engineering, I talk to one of my senior, who is meritorious student of his branch, he told me that In the first semester, he studied too much, gave full time to studies & scored 90% marks but he said what’s the use of it. His colleagues who didn’t study well also scoring equivalent marks to him.

I know these all thoughts were came in the minds of the students. “Marks doesn’t matter, knowledge matters”The main reason of increasing suicidal cases is a worrying issue. The reason behind it, is the lack of good & effective education. Len the end, I strongly oppose the Grading System. Our education should not be a burden for students. They should be encourage not discourage. Parent’s & teachers only helps students to overcome it & of course students also

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