Marlita Hill

2 February 2017

What are the pros and cons of this delivery style? 7. Marlita Hill used visual aids throughout her speech. What other types of visual aids might you have used in this speech? What do you think was the most persuasive aspect of Marlita Hill’s “The N*Word” speech? Darnell Romain Speech 101 Marlita hill response assignment 1 Marlita Hill gave a speech about the sensitivity of the word “Nigger”. Her presentation and her delivery were totally on point and very entertaining, marlita backed her informative speech by presenting supporting material and interesting facts from various sources.

Including the la times,Detroit news,Jacksonville journal and Seattle times. While still manging to mention well respected news media. Marlita kept it more social and interactive by mentioning comedian Chris rock, Oprah Winfrey while also mentioning the fact radio stations who banned the word had young callers call up for the rite to be called nigger. To me the speech was very convincing and shed lite to a very touchy subject. The way she instructed the crowd made them interact within her speech.

She was full of energy and excitement you could feel that as she spoke. Made eye contact, showed boards and even shared a personal story. Me I would have used t-shirts and some songs from gangster rappers. Her speech looked completely memorized and it worked no looking down and giving the audience a chance to be bored. There could be a negative view to this speech. Some mite gasp and feel a certain way because of the pain and suffering that word has cause many people to feel.

Marlita even made mentioned to that in her speech by noting how one her past judge felt she mentioned the word to much. Overall I liked how she was brash and upbeat about at first hiding it then making it more cl;ear as she bought up her signs and yelled it out. The most persuasive part about this speech is her energy. To me thats what stuck out the most,she was in total control of the crowd they hung at every word she said while smiling and nodding much joy and emotion was heard throughout the crowd. Overall to me a great speech something i would let my friends listen too.

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