Marriage and Family

7 July 2016

Family counseling is a key to promote better relationships and understanding within a family. Every individual is facing one or the other problems in their daily life. The counseling can provide each individual with the chance to express opinions by communicating effectively. This process will help to change the attitude and reinforce the positive attributes of the individual, couple, or family members. “A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another. If these minds love one another, the home will be as beautiful as a flower garden.

But if these minds get out of harmony with one another it is like a storm that plays havoc with the garden. ” – Sri Buddha. Family plays an important role in the development of each individual. A newborn baby is not born to the world with good or bad characters. Character is acquired from the environment where the children grow up. The shaping of basic character of everyone is happening at his or her home. Parents are the role models for the children. Each parent is responsible for building a healthy family and thus a healthy community.

Marriage and Family Essay Example

The structure of each family is based on each individual in the family. An individual is a series of interconnected process that, working together, give the appearance of being single. Several individuals are facing with numerous problems such as depression, anxiety, addiction, self-esteem, anger management, relationship concerns, etc. Psychotherapy counseling can help to resolve these issues and put their life on a more positive path toward personal growth and healthy relationships. They can become more active in their field and contribute to the community.

The refinement of each individual makes their homes, each homes make the community, and then a prosperous country. Most often, the couples involved in the situation would not be able to see the real problems. They have to learn how to resolve their problems and change the path of their relationships by learning new skills with the help of a family counselor. Getting immediate psychological help can alleviate the causes, which may worsen the situations. Family counseling will teach the couples the skills needed to resolve the problems and make informed decisions in their relationships.

The personal experience of my family life is an example of a rejoining after a tug of war between my wife and I. We ended up in a family court after several years of disagreement and argument on several matters. We both knew that we loved each other, but never knew what caused all these arguments. It was mandatory for us to attend a family counseling class by the licensed therapists prior to file a case at the family court. We were given individual counseling, joint counseling, and group counseling including both of our parents.

Finally, we recognized what caused the issues: too much involvement of parents from both sides in our personal life. We dropped the plan of going ahead with petition to divorce and now we are living happily for the last ten years. Pre-marital counseling is as important as family counseling is. The idea behind pre-marital counseling is that, it will strengthen the relationship before the wedding so that we will be well educated to deal with the challenges and issues that every couple inevitably faces in some point of their life.

The other side is always greener for those who are standing at this side. As love is important, we need to have the basic relationship skills to have a successful married life. Partners should be respecting each other and communicative to have a lasting marriage, often includes children. Statistical reports say that one in every five children in the United States is either living with a single parent or a foster parent. Another study reports that the same ratio of children and adolescents in our country has mental disorder such as; ADHD, conduct disorders, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders.

Using the 2003 National Survey of Children’s Health, children in step, single-mother, or grandparent-only families had poorer health than children living with their biological parents. The children from the troubled families appear to be less competitive in schools than those from a healthy family. In conclusion, I would say that, the idea of mandatory attendance policies made by certain churches, organizations, or agencies for individuals, couples, or families will build a healthy country. Let troubled families have a second chance for a better life.

Marriages should not be encouraged without the couple attending the pre-marital counseling classes. In the cases of unmarried couples, the counseling should be made available to them once they approach the authorities for any kind of support. The same should be applied for the married couples at certain points. This process will change the attitude and reinforce the positive attributes of the individuals, couples, or family members. A healthy family will produce healthy children. Our children must be mentally and physically fit to have competitive skills in their life. We do not want to be the second in the world, but first as we always are.

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