Marriage and Sexuality in Story and History

4 April 2015
A paper which looks at marriage and sexuality in today’s society and how they are portrayed in history through various novels.

The paper discusses the issues of marriage, morality and sexuality in today’s society and shows how they differ from the years prior to the 1960s when couples were kept in their marriage by a tight moral code. The author of the paper examines how the subject of marriage and sexuality is portrayed through literature, such as Guy de Maupassant’s The Necklace, Kate Chopin’ s “The Story of an Hour” and Tchehov’s The Lady with the Dog.
Chopin’s view of marriage, even one in which the two people love each other, is sarcastic. She sees women in her time period dominated by the men they marry, unable to make a decision without consulting their husbands. She views marriage as a burden. For viewpoint on marriage and sexuality is clear in her short story, The Storm. The wife, Calixta is at home during a furious storm and an old friend, Alcee, stops by to get out of the storm. She has never been alone with him since her marriage but at one time they kissed passionately. She had been pure then, and he respected her virtue. As a married woman she gave herself up to the passion of his arms. The storm passed. The two lovers were satiated, and the marriages returned to normal.
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