Mars and Its Environment

4 April 2015
Examines the planet Mars, including its environment, water, life, and atmosphere.

This paper discusses The Red Planet, Mars. The author examines the conditions, life, and gives detailed information about the planet’s atmosphere and its two moons. The paper also looks at the possibility of life surviving on Mars’ desert-like environment.
“Mars, it is the fourth planet from the sun. It is closet planet to the planet that we live on. Mars is the planet with more solar exploration than any other planet in our universe. Mars is the one planet that has an atmosphere similar to ours. Mercury, Venus, and Pluto have had all of their atmospheres burned off and Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all have atmospheres that are hundreds of time more violent than the calm atmospheres of Earth and Mars. Mars is also the only planet in which we have identified that there was once water on the surface of the planet. We have discovered huge canyons that resemble the ones on Earth. This is also the reason why we believe that the Red Planet might have once had or still does have life on it.”
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