Marshall Aid

1 January 2018

The Truman Doctrine was an international relations policy set forth by the U. S. President Harry Truman in a speech on March 12, 1947. The speech stated that the U. S. Would support Greece and Turkey with economic and military aid to prevent them from falling into the Soviet sphere of influence.

Marshall Aid was the American initiative to aid Europe, in which the United States gave economic support to help rebuild European economies after the end of World War II in order to prevent the spread of Communism.With sufficient evidence, the answer to his essay question will show that even though the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Aid were successful, there were other events more successful than them at containing communism. The Truman Doctrine was seen as a successful policy for containing communism because it was America’s first public criticism of Russia, and it was their first real hostile act towards the Soviets. Just before the Truman Doctrine, Britain had announced that they couldn’t afford to look after Greece and Turkey anymore, because of this America agreed to look after the two countries.Truman knew it was vital that he USSR did not take these two countries over as they would strengthen the threat of communism, and increase the spread of communism over Europe. The Truman Doctrine’s main aim was to stop the spread of communism and this is what it achieved. The Soviets couldn’t take over Greece and Turkey so therefore it was successful at containing communism in this time period.

Marshall Aid Essay Example

The Marshall Aid was also seen as a successful policy. In this aid America were using their financial strength to stabilize and strengthen the economies of many European countries, that were not under Soviet influence.Although its intentions to contain communism were not biblically admitted, Stalin thought this was the case. Some of the countries that the Marshall Aid helped were the Netherlands, Belgium and many other countries that to America, were the right side of the Iron Curtain. The aim of the financial help was to make sure that the governments of each country were stable and strong enough to be able to resist communist threat/influence. From my own knowledge know that this policy worked well as it did stop the spread of communist in these countries, therefore it was a successful policy in the entailment of communism.Other factors that were also successful in the policy Of containment was the Berlin Airlift.

The Berlin Airlift was used to help Britain and America’s part of Berlin to get food and resources. During the Yalta conference, when the relationship between the USSR, Britain and USA were at its best state, it was agreed that Germany and Berlin were to be split into four zones. One for each of the mentioned countries and one for France. This was also the time of the aforementioned Iron Curtain, and Berlin was ‘behind’ this curtain.Due to this, USSR set up a blockade to stop America and KGB getting to their zone, as they knew that the lifestyle in their zones were much greater than that of Russian’s. This was known as the Berlin Blockade. Had America accepted this Blockade and allowed Russia to take over the whole of Germany, the spreading of communism would of exceeded the Iron Curtain, and been a huge threat to West Europe.

This was not the case however, as America were not going to let this happen. Instead of using the blocked roads and rail tracks, American soldiers risked their lives by flying onto Berlin on armored aircrafts.By doing this they prevented any communist threat in Berlin, and then in turn, any past the Iron Curtain. This was a successful method of spreading communism because not only did it stop the threat of communism, it showed the German people of Berlin that America were willing to fight for their country and fight for their rights. Even though this wasn’t as significant, it was giant step in gaining support from a country they had recently been at War with. The most successful policy of containing communism was the Berlin Airlift.This was the reason that America managed to get supplies to Germany and Berlin, and stop the Soviets from expanding past that iron curtain.

Had America not gone through with the airlift, USSR would have been able to capture Berlin, and spread communism across the rest of Germany, and the rest of Europe. This would have been a massive threat to Britain and the west of the European countries. Even though the Marshall Aid and Trauma’s Doctrine were still successful at containing communism, the Airlift was the most successful policy.

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