Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem

8 August 2019

I would highly recommend the album, Marshall Mathers LP, produced in the year 1999 and released at the turn of a new century. Marshall Mathers, Eminem or his alter ego, Slim Shady, brought change to rap/hip hop forever. Eminem uses explicit rhymes that he uses to describe and tell people about his life, although explicit he uses those words in a context that is, in a way, needed to describe his life. In the song “Stan” Eminem talks about his closest friend as a child growing up about how his life was terrible, and how his cousin had ended up going rogue and kills himself and he is saying that he thought it was all his fault and he was to blame for his closest friends death.
All his life experiences leading up to his career have fueled his energy to do his job in the music industry, and all of this energy has been put towards creating the Marshall Mathers LP. Marshall (AKA Eminem) was ranked at the the top of this list of the best rappers in the world and MMLP has 21,000,000 copies worldwide and nearly half of those records were sold in the United States. Many people love his music style of rap and hip/hop mashed together and others not so much, but Eminem has changed the music industry for better and for worse with this album.

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