Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem

9 September 2019

Marshall Mathers LP is the fastest selling rap album of all time and sold a total of 1.76 million copies. So, it was obviously very popular. After listening to the album, I can understand why it sold so well. It’s amazing. The lyrics actually make sense unlike some rap songs and have a purpose behind them. In fact, if you took the lyrics out of the music, they would make a quite an excellent poem. Eminem also has an incredible talent of rapping extremely fast which is absolutely awesome to listen to. Also, the album holds several unforgettable songs like “The Real Slim Shady”, “Stan”, “I’m Back”, and “The Way I Am”. The songs on this album show Eminem’s wide variety of voices and talents. The album also vividly shows Eminem’s personality which is both good and bad. This is good because it shows how passionate he is about rap and how hard he works to make the best songs. It’s bad because he sometimes steps over the line with his humor. But this is easy to ignore. I strongly recommend this album but, if you get it, do not get the clean version. A substantial part of the songs will be censored. In conclusion, Marshall Mathers LP is a must have album for any rap fan.

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