Martha McCaskey

2 February 2017

Her jobs were to analyst and report the competitive advantages of competitor companies to her clients. The employees of this company were separated into two groups, old and new guard. The members in old guard such as Rendall and Kaufmann often paid ex-employees of target companies to obtain highly sensitive information. IAD’s top manager, Tom Malone, knew the company situation and knew how to play the game.

Issue In Silicon 6 project, she had to get the secret information about the new chip manufacturing process and the cost structure for her biggest and oldest client. The only way to get this information was to pay off Devon, an ex-employee of the competitor company who perceived McCaskey as a representative from an environmental concerning company. Moreover, Malone offered her the promotion to be a group manager after finishing this project. However, she felt that getting information by telling a lie was unethical and compromised her integrity.

Martha McCaskey Essay Example

Because the project was so important and the client really need these information, Malone increased the money offered for Devon and allowed McCaskey, if she need, to bring Kaufmann into the team. Recommendations I recommend that McCaskey should step down from the project and start looking for a new job. My recommendation bases on the value judgment. To lie individual is morally guilty. At this time, she should realize that the core business of this company is to spy the propriety information from the target company.

To work and be successful in this company, she must be familiar with these sleazy ways. If she feels uncomfortable with the ways the company do the business, it is no benefit staying in the company. In addition, after promoting to be group manager, it is obvious that she has to do the dirty work again and again. This might hurt her reputation in long term. Even worst, she might get law suited from the target company because some consider getting propriety information breaking the law. In my opinion, this company is not good enough to work with for several reasons.

First, top managers had no ethics. For example, they took company’s bonus for themselves. Second, there are many illegal actions that might lead to lawsuit. And finally, if top manager from head quarter in Chicago know about these illegal actions, they cannot let this situation continue and she, as a member of the conspiracy action, might be get fired. However, I recommend that she must finish this project. To get the new jobs, she needs excellent working experience and a good reference letter from Malone. So, she has to show responsibility as a project leader.

She can talk to Malone that she has no experience on this situation and ask for help from her colleague, Kaufmann. She doesn’t have to blame herself at all on doing this because this action can be considered as a manager’s decision. With this way, she can finish the project and get promoted to be a group manager. And this promotion will show the progress in her career path which is very important for her new job application. On the other hand, I do not recommend her to voice her concern on the any upper level. Apparently, Richard and Malone are in the same boat.

They do not consider getting information this way to be illegal or to be unethical. By doing so, she cannot stop the current behavior of Industry Analysis Division. If she asks for help from the people in head quarter, they might do something such as firing some people. She does not get any benefits but might hurt many people and put her at risk as a whistle blower. In conclusion, I recommend McCaskey finish the project by asking help from Kaufmann. After project finish, she should give two week notice and seek for a new company that suit to her.

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