Marvel Vs. DC

6 June 2016

Comics, they are the earliest form of entertainment for kids and adults and they are still entertaining up to today. Though there are many publishers of comic books nowadays, Marvel Comics and DC Comics the most known today all over the world. Despite Marvel’s vast number of comics, DC Comics; in my opinion though, might be just as good as Marvel Comics. I think Marvel comics is the best for me, because when I was growing up, I enjoyed the Spider-Man series which is still my all-time favorite superhero up until today. “Which is better?” people might ask, to what I’ll respond in my biased opinion, Marvel Comics; however, to most people, DC Comics is the best. The answer to this conundrum might be shown in this essay so read and decide.

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Why do I like Marvel better than DC? Well when I was growing up I saw the cartoon of Spider-Man and I ended up liking it. Spider-Man has been my favorite superhero ever since. When I learned that there were other heroes in Marvel, I immediately took the side of Marvel. Marvel Comics has many more heroes besides Spider-Man, heroes like Iron Man, X-Men, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, and many more. On the other hand, I like DC Comics as well, another one of my favorite heroes, as I was growing up, was Batman, the only hero without powers, and the only comic I can read without getting lost in the story, so I must admit DC has a very good hero that I like to read about and has good traits as well. In the end, though, my choice goes to Marvel Comics for having Spider-Man, one of my favorite superheroes until this day.

Marvel and DC have similarities that make them the same in their category; for example, they are similar in that they both have many heroes, they were founded around the same time, in the 1930s, people all over the world read both comics, they both made movies with their most popular heroes, like: Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and other movies from Marvel, and Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, and other movies from DC. Marvel and DC have a lot of similarities that make them look like they are the same. Despite that, they have differences that also make them what they are at a particular level, and it is these differences that set them apart.

It’s true, there are some aspects that make DC and Marvel similar, but it’s the differences that set them apart. DC; for instance, is said to be five years older than Marvel, but it does not seem to matter that much since it is said that Marvel is better than DC because people find Marvel heroes to be more relatable to readers than DC heroes whom are more fantasy like and more fictional to readers, and another way of seeing the statistics is picture 1, showing that sales on Marvel Comics is better than sales on DC Comics.

Personally, I agree that Marvel is better, because of personal experience, and whenever I read Marvel comics, I find it easier to read and I think of them more human-like; for instance, Peter Parker (secretly Spider-man) is just a high school student in Queens, New York, until he is bitten by a spider, which turns him into my favorite superhero Spider-Man, unlike DC comics, where I seem to get lost in all their stories, plus, they seem more fictional. Because of this, I see Marvel as the better comic group than DC.

To conclude, not because of their similarities, but because of their differences; in my view, Marvel Comics is better than DC Comics. Their relatable characters make Marvel the best, because most of these heroes start from a humble beginning, like Captain America whom volunteered in an experiment, which, as a result, gave him superhuman strength and speed, and the Incredible Hulk was a scientist that was exposed to gamma rays, creating a superhero, and many more, unlike DC whose heroes have fictional beginnings, take Green Lantern, whose powers come from a ring from a distant planet, and Superman’s superhuman strength and superhuman durability and his powers to fly. These are the differences that show why Marvel is better than DC, despite what other people say, Marvel is the best!

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