Mary Astell

4 April 2015
This paper discusses claims by author Ruth Perry that Mary Astell was one of the first “feminist theorists”.

Author Ruth Perry claimed that writer Mary Astell was one of the first feminist theorist. The purpose of this essay is to evaluate these bold claims made by Perry. It focuses on Astell?s essay on the subject of marriage.
From the paper:

“Mary Astell was born during the 17th century and died in the 18th century. It was during the early part of the 1700s when her most influential books and political and religious treatises were published. Astell wrote long before Elizabeth Cady Stanton, even long before Mary Wollstonecraft penned her influential tracts on women?s rights, even before these women were born. Yet the author Ruth Perry has named Mary Astell as one of the first “feminist theorists” and stated that Astell?s ?first three books were feminist books”.”

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