Mary Shelly

11 November 2016

She didn’t seem to have a clear worldview nor a Biblical worldview. Throughout the book Mary Shelley mentioned God, Man, and Nature. Whereas mentioning her view though the book was hard, for as the book was written about a madman who had created life into something that was lifeless. Since her worldview seems to be unclear, her view of God seems to be the same.

Mary Shelley’s view of God seems to be very unclear. Although when the monster was telling Frankenstein about growing and learning from other humans—he had found books and read them. In one of these books the monster learned about our omnipotent God. He felt like Adam, from the Bible, and he him self had a lot in common. But that soon changed when he realized that his creator, Frankenstein, had no love for him as our God cares for us. Mary Shelley, through her books, shows her view of God as loving and how he cares for his creation.

Frankenstein made the monster when he was not ready for the responsibility for his destruction. “What could not be expected in the country of eternal light? ” asks Walton. The Bible saying we need to be a light for the Lord. Although Mary Shelley most likely was talking about Walton and his love for science, but as a person of faith—the country of eternal light seems to be heaven. Man, as Mary Shelly pictured him, is being a light for what they love. Genesis 6:6 says, “So the Lord was sorry He had ever made them and put them on the earth. It broke His heart. God was disappointed He had ever made man. Mary Shelley shows that same disappointment when Frankenstein made his monster. Frankenstein showed love for this being he had made, and then the beauty he saw in his monster vanished when he realized that what he had made was bad. Frankenstein had said he was not mad, he proclaimed that he had discovered the cause of life—by giving life into a lifeless matter. Although knowing that God created man and no other being is as all-powerful as He, Mary Shelley’s view on nature was very different from what we know.

Although earlier saying that Mary Shelley’s view was unclear, if viewing her book with a Biblical worldview it is easier to comprehend the writer’s worldview. The problem with her worldview on God was there wasn’t much mentioned about Him. Mary Shelley sometimes through out the book mentioned things about God, heaven, or nature. When the monster spoke of God and the devil—he was telling Frankenstein about the similarities between Adam and himself, also between Victor and God. God wasn’t really mentioned about as an all-powerful God as we know Him. Mary Shelley’s worldview seems to be somewhat Biblical yet not so much.

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