Maslow’s hierarchy of needs …

10 October 2018

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is linked in with the basic needs of an individual.

The first basic needs are to do with physical. This is the need for food, drink, shelter, sleep and oxygen. Whenever people age they tend to age slowly and their days go by slower and this is because they have limited opportunities. Once you age you will begin to notice whenever you are in your 60s and this includes the skin becoming thinner and less elasticated. You bones also become more brittle meaning that it is easier for an older person to break their bones. As well as your bones, your joint become stiffer and more painful meaning that older people tend to be in a lot of pain. This is why physiotherapists are good for older people because they are able to help with the problem and try and improve the quality of life for older people.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs … Essay Example

Older people don’t always have the best balance and whenever the muscles become weaker it can be harder to stabilise themselves. Older people can also become unwell faster than younger people because they are more prone to infections. Older people are advised to go the GP if they feel like their health is getting worse. The GP will be able to prescribe them medication to help.As you old it is essential as an older person to communicate with other people because if they don’t they tend to disengage themselves from society. Whenever older people retire at the age of 65 they aren’t as intellectually smart as they were before but that’s because they haven’t been in education and haven’t been able to learn anything new in a while. It is important that older people get out and socialise because it will help with their intellectual development.

This includes reading a newspaper, doing crosswords or puzzles, going to activity classes like bingo. For older people, services need to be provided which help older continue to socialise. Older people tend to disengage from society based on certain circumstances like the death of a partner or retirement. With these services it allows older people to go out and be active but also to socialise with new friends and people that they were once friends with.In this case emotional and social impacts are both linked in with each other. People often reconnect with those friends they used to be friends with which can be a very emotional time. It is also meeting family members that have drifted or moved far away which gives them a chance to catch up on everything .

This is good for older people because they have been so busy with work and their own family, it gives them a chance to reconnect and catch-up with people but it also gives them a chance to meet new people as well. It also means that they can get out of the house and visit other people so it is a different scenery for them even if they are retired.Whenever older people decide to retire there can be many reasons why they choose to retire but one reason is so that they can do the things and activities that they never got the chance to do before. They often take the chance and go on holidays or visit long distance friends or family, which gives them a chance to reconnect with those they used to talk to. Often older people decide to volunteer in local charities or help in local schools or community centres which means that they will be constantly meeting new people every day.

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