Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

1 January 2017

Understanding the chapter 3. How do you explain the rapidly increasing popularity of work teams in the countries, such as the United States and Canada, whose national cultures place a high value on individualism? When you have teams you have several people, and these people will have different judgments, experience and talents, therefore the tasks can be solved the best way. Organizations use teams so they can compete effetely and efficiently. By using teams they are getting the best out of every employee. 4. ”All work teams are work groups, but not all work groups are work teams” Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Discuss. Disagree. A work group doesn’t have a leader and doesn’t have a common goal. They share information. They have individual responsibility. They have random and varied skills. A work team on the other hand has a leader and the team has a goal. They have individual and mutual responsibility, they have complementary skills. 5. Would you prefer to work alone or as a part of a team? Why? Support your response with data from the self assessment exercise included in the “understanding yourself” section. I like to work as a part of a team, but there are times that I would prefer to work alone.

I like the support you get from a team, different opinions, and suggestions and so on. But sometimes working alone with no distractions feels better, especially when it is a task I find easy and want to get credit for myself. Chapter 10 Understanding the chapter 2. Contrast lower-order and higher-order needs in Maslow’s needs hierarchy. Every human has a hierarchy of five (5) needs. Lower order needs which is physiological and safety needs. Higher order needs are social, esteem and self actualization needs. 5. What are some advantages of using pay-for-performance to motivate employee performance?

Are there drawbacks? Explain. Some advantages of using pay for performance is that people will be motivated and want to do a better job so they get as much money as possible. You will get a better result with motivated employees. The drawbacks can be that if an employee finds the goal unreachable, they will just give up, because they know they won’t get anything if they don’t manage to finish it. So the goals have to be “fair” the bigger the assignment the bigger the bonus, but it has to be a goal that a person can be able to finish with a good result.

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