Massimo Dutti Marketing Plan

1 January 2017

As Massimo built its brand taking care of all the above, the brand managed to built a strong customer base that’s loyal and satisfied, for all of that Massimo customer management is considered the best and always fulfill the promise they treat their customers as a unique personals who are fashionable and classy and looking to own the best out there. Physical evidence people Logistics Production Visual demonstration of the importance of each Success Factor Customers Industry Analysis| * Industry Trends | Designer Houses: everybody in the fashion industry is looking to imitate and make the designer houses high end expensive styles available for the streets. * Runway Style: the runway iconic styles and trends is the main leader of the fashion industry, anything that goes on the runway is anticipated by all fashion customers. * Inclusive: there is a wide range of styles and looks that is available each season, so it’s not a stiff industry it’s fast moving industry. * key success Factors| to success in this industry you have to make sure that you are doing the following: * Differentiation Customer Focused * Physical Evidence * Satisfying New Fashion Consumer SWOT analysis| * Opportunities * Plus Size women do not have a fashion brand that is high end and they can relate to. * Unsatisfied huge segment in Egypt, most Egyptian women are curvy and tend to be a little bit fat. * Threats * Design difficulties. * advertising challenge “ you can’t tell women they are FAT “ * Exciting Customer reaction and keeping current female customers who are not FAT. * Fat is not Fashionable * Strength * Strong Brand * Loyal Customers * Unique image * Sustainable growth Weaknesses * New in the segment * More experienced competitors *

Lack of e-commerce Customer Analysis Profile: Today’s Fashion and outfit customers: * More educated: the level of education is high, also the resource to learn more about fashion is available everywhere especially with the digital revolution and the mobile and internet availability. * Have a lot of choices: a lot of brands are available which allow the current customers to choose from a lot of alternatives, that makes them very careful of small details and what the brand has to offer. More savvy and demanding: as they have a lot of choices they turned to become more demanding because if a brand wont obey them another one will, so the customers know that they can get what they demand. Behavior Fashion Customers: * Well educated: they know about the fashion trends and they are looking for the latest trends in the brands they love. * Group buyers: they tend to follow the group, so they buy stuff similar to what their friends are wearing specially if their friends are trendy. * Buying decision are self motives trying to reflect a better self image. out of every 3 women is unhappy by the way their clothes fit them Segment Analysis Plus size “ curvy women “ market share 60% 40% increase by 2014 Only 5% of fashion retail space is dedicated to plus size products Market Analysis Low price High price Low Fashion High Fashion Bershka Pull and Bear Burrberry CK French collection Concrete Tawheed & Noor Wild H&M * As we can see tha Massimo brand owns a very unique position within the fashion industry, as it comes with high fashion outfit with a reasonable price. Marketing and Promotional Plan Strategic Marketing Objectives | Overall Marketing Objectives

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Increase customer equity Sub objectives: * Increase customer satisfaction, decrease dissatisfaction of Plus size curvy consumers. * Increase purchase frequency of plus size curvy consumers. * Continue to grow and extend current Massimo Dutti Consumers. * Increase brand awareness among customers. Marketing STP Main Segment Plus size, Full shape body women Demographics * Age 18-40 * Live in big cities * Professional women * High class B house wife’s * Educated Physiographic * Enjoy shopping * Interested in fashion trends Want to buy * Clothes that fit their body * Make them feel beautiful Positioning The only brand that designs its products specially to fit your body and make you beautiful” Building a customer focused Product: Design: * Design products that complement full body shape Product symbolism * Massimo Dutti knows my body shape * I Look good in Massimo dutti Cloths * I feel beautfull Colors and material * Differenciate from compeitiors * Colors and materials should reflect high quality Brand Lable * Differnciate form compeitiors * Reflects elegance and quality Promotion Strategy Above the line: Print Advertising Below the line: Public Relation Brand Communication Sponsoring Social events

Main Objective Inform about the new line Create positive emotion about it Generate consumer interest and Purchase intention. Advertising Strategy: “The only true fashion brand that consider your body shape“ Emotional appeal * Less is more * Consistent with current strategy * Support new line launch only Advertising idea Generation: For the Full body shape women target consumers , Massimo Dutti is the fashion expert brand character for your wardrobe Product competitive frame that helps you look the best you can Brand promise because it takes the high fashion trends and adapts them for the real you emotional support

Advertising Creative Elements * High Fashion Look * Full Shape body model * Body shape reveled: Curve lines should not be hidden, Give the feeling of powerful and dominant sexy women, * Desired impact: released sexuality, element of surprise. Format Double page spread print with the Massimo Dutti logo in a great position. Placement * Fashion monthly magazine. * Teenager magazines. * Women Magazines. Art work inspiration For you By For you By Thank you

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