Master of Puppets by Metallica

9 September 2019

Master of Puppets by Metallica

When I found out that we had to write reviews, I was excited. Finally, I get to convince someone else of the greatness that is thrash-metal. More specifically, Metallica. I listened to the album Master of Puppets released in 1986. I, personally, found it very enjoyable. For me, it still holds all of its appeal even with today’s music standards. The album started out with Battery, a high-energy song that introduced me to the prevailing theme of the album; a slow, gentle start into hardcore guitar solos and a fast beat. I was pleased to discover that all of the songs sounded unique, even if they followed a slight pattern. Unfortunately, most albums I listen to tend to have songs that are repetitive, which is irritating to no end. However, I felt that Master of Puppets was one of the rare exceptions. The best song in my opinion was Orion because it was unexpected.

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Unlike the other songs on the album, it didn’t have lyrics. The guitar was ethereal and soft, but still caught my attention. If thrash-metal from the ‘80s isn’t your thing, then this album isn’t for you, but if you’re open to new things or are a life-long fan, then I recommend listening to this album as well as any other music by Metallica.

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