Matchbox 20 – mad season

8 August 2019

It is rare that a CD surprises me, but Matchbox 20’s”mad season” took my breath away.

This is the second timearound for Matchbox 20. Their first album “Yourself or Someone LikeYou” won Grammy awards for best rock performance and pop songwriter of theyear for Rob Thomas. With “mad season,” lead singer Rob Thomas, AdamGaynor (guitar, vocals), Kyle Cook (guitar, vocals), Brian Yale (bass) and PaulDoucette (drums) combine their talents to form a uniquely original sound andcontinues the legacy begun with their first album. It also combines an excellentsound with a real message. Songs like “Bent,” which describes howsociety has corrupted a man, or “If You’re Gone,” describing theeffects of a girl leaving her boyfriend, really touched me.

Matchbox 20 – mad season Essay Example

Somehow theband seems to relate each song, even each note, to real life. The voice of RobThomas communicates their message so clearly. With each new song, I turn up thevolume. Now, every time I listen to “mad season,” I find a new favoriteor hear a new message. Do yourself a favor – go out right now and buy “madseason” by Matchbox 20. You won’t regret it.

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