Matchbox 20

8 August 2019

In March, Matchbox 20 returned to the Orpheum Theater in Boston, Massachusetts to play a sold-out show. Many excited fans (and I) couldn’t wait to see them. Even though I had really bad seats in the balcony, I didn’t mind. Around 7: 30 p.m. the first band, David Ganza, came on. They were unknown, and not many saw them. Most were hanging out in the lobby or came late. But those who saw this band were supportive and I though they were okay. Then around 8 p.m., the seats started to fill as many fans waited for Matchbox 20. I sat there watching the crew set up the equipment. At 8: 30, the lights lowered and a small film started to play. After the film the curtain went up and the lead singer, Rob Thomas, started singing “Busted.” Everyone, (including me), started screaming. During the first set, everyone got up and starting singing along to “Real World,” “3 a.m.,” and others. During “Shame,” Rob Thomas’s microphone went out. Many fans started to tell the singer they couldn’t hear and cheered till the problem got fixed. The band ended with “Push” and then left for intermission. The fans screamed and ranted, wanting an encore. Rob Thomas came out after the intermission and played a short acoustic set. During the second set, they played a lot of new songs which probably ended up on the second album. During one of the songs people took out their lighters and had a candle ceremony. Near the end, Rob Thomas informed the audience that this was their last American show for a while and introduced everyone in the band. They ended with the song, “Long Day” and left with the Matchbox 20 logo flashing on the screen. I recommend checking out this band because if you love their album, you’ll like seeing them live. .

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