Matchbox Twenty – Mad Season

9 September 2019

MatchboxTwenty’s “mad season,” the second album from my favorite band, isdefinitely a great buy. Every song on this 12-track album is great and touchesthe listener. The first, “Angry,” is about the way people react tosituations around them. As the lyrics say, “And I’m glad that I’m not angry.It’s dragging me under, but I’m not angry anymore.” This song makes usrealize that even if we have a bad day, we should not take it out onothers.

The fourth track is one of my favorites. “Last BeautifulGirl” is about a guy who has his heart broken, but then she wants him back.He simply tells her, “It won’t be the first heart that you break, you won’tbe the last beautiful girl, the one that you wrecked won’t take you back, if youwere the last beautiful girl in the world.” This song really hits home withthe many who can relate to being dumped.

Matchbox Twenty – Mad Season Essay Example

The album’s title track is also agreat song that was released as a single. Other singles include “Bent,”about the hardships society puts on a man, and “If You’re Gone,” abouta girl who leaves her boyfriend looking for something better while he begs her tocome home.

The band’s lead singer, Rob Thomas, wrote most of the songsbased on his own experiences. He understands that what teenagers want is music wecan relate to.

I recommend this album for anyone who likes “RealWorld” music or enjoyed Matchbox Twenty’s first album. Matchbox Twenty isout there for the teenagers, to help us escape the difficulties in our lives,such as losing a love, a special friend or family member. Their music inspiresteenagers to keep trying and never give up.

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