Mater Motivation Letter

6 June 2018

In order help you make a decision, I will try to expend succinctly about myself, my background, my goals, and why I believe would make a great addition to your student body. Sometimes grades can be misleading: an otherwise excellent student, going through a personal or familial crisis, can see his results deteriorate drastically over the period of a semester, or even a whole year. In my case, though, they show a direct, simple story: the evolution of my motivation and my work ethic over the last four years.A glance at my academic record transcript will show you that I have started my university studies on the wrong foot. Indeed, “completed” my first semester in fall 2006 with a catastrophic 1,58 GAP! Could state many excuses for this mediocre start, but will simply say that I was not taking my studies seriously: unresisting from classes when the workload was too significant, dropping out of those was not immediately interested in, etc. But that first year had the effect of a wake-up call: I needed to start applying myself or reconsider my future.

Thus, during the summer break, I began setting up some clear goals: I decided wanted to experience an exchange in another country, after discussing with a friend who had had the privilege of studying abroad. Over the next semester, something else became clear to me: wanted to obtain my master’s degree and teach literature. Now, these objectives meant that I needed to significantly improve my GAP. It was not easy to come back from such a start, but once goals were clarified, my motivation and work ethic blossomed continuously over the next semesters, ND better grades came naturally.Thus, over the last two years, managed to complete each course I enrolled in, while maintaining a 3,65 GAP. Now confident that my academic record is strong enough to justify acceptance at your university, I am ready to embark on the path of achieving my first goal. There never was a doubt in my mind that if I were to apply for a student exchange, the United States would be my one and only choice of destination.

Mater Motivation Letter Essay Example

Have been fascinated by American culture since childhood: at first, through ivies and music, and, more recently, through its literature; most of my favorite authors are Americans: Ernest Hemingway, John Faint, J.D. Slinger and Raymond Carver are all writers I admire deeply. Have chosen to apply tryout institution because it is amongst the best public universities in the country. If I could participate in an exchange for a whole year, would not think twice about it. But unfortunately, I only have four classes towards the completion of my baccalaureate. However, I do intend on making the best of the semester that is ahead of me: getting involved in student life through activities, sports, student clubs, etc.

Or helping French major students perfect their French through tutoring are many of things I plan on pursuing next fall.

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