Materialism and Mental Health

4 April 2015
A persuasive paper about how materialism has taken over society.

This article discusses the situation of mental health and illness in today’s society. The author argues that materialism, fame and fortune have taken over society and that as a result society has forgotten to give meaning to life.
Good mental health is a fundamental aspect of life, but, as we are aware, a huge proportion of our society, around 25%, will at some stage suffer from a form of mental illness. We must realize the enormity of this problem. Stalin once said, The death of one person is a tragedy, the death of a thousand is a statistic. (Stalin). This means that we as humans, are unable to digest all the information that comes our way everyday and numbers are just that: numbers. 25% means that in every four people, one is likely to experience mental illness. Mental illness is a problem of the everyday, of the streets, of the ordinary man and woman that experience the joys, the sorrows, the trials and the tribulations of life.
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