Math and architecture

6 June 2017

Geometry PJ Architecture and Geometry Architecture and geometry are perfect complements of each other they go hand to hand in so many ways let’s discuss some of these ways. Architecture has geometry written all over it if geometry never existed Architecture wouldn’t have existed either. First of all geometry is the reason that we can calculate and measure the sizes and shapes of certain structures for us to use. Geometry allows us pin point exactly how much more we may need or less , without using geometry building stuff would all be guess to what size we may need or the shape we’ll need it in.

Geometry is the primary source of all harmony in geometry. Using Pythagoreans and other formulas based off geometry is key to finding solutions to architecture’s problems dealing finding rite shapes and pieces to fit in a whole structure 2 by 4’s things like that are all possible measurements and the reason that they are measured is because of the work from geometry. 3d shapes such as cylinders and Castles would not be able to create without the work of geometry.

Math and architecture Essay Example

Also dealing with painting say if you wanted to aint a structure you would have to know how much paint you would need rite well believe it or not you will not be able to calculate exactly how much paint you will need without geometry. Also say if you wanted to know how much space you have in your structure you will have to find the volume and calculate the mass and finding the height of your structure when it all comes down to it geometry is at the root of it all all the formulas we use for calculating objects and structures rather you know it or not all comes from the works of geometry.

Architecture begins with geometry Architecture needs geometry for safety issues think about it you making a rooftop without the formulas in geometry you will not be able to calculate how much you will need so imagine making the roof too small then your roof would fall down on you and possibly kill you. We use geometrical shapes to decorate our structures which is very important if you want like an appealing building or object.

One more way geometry shapes architecture (literally) is the way we build our gardens we won’t know how much soil or plants can fit like getting a ew piece of land you have to measure that land to know what can fit there and what cant these both are very important and wouldn’t be possible to determine without geometry.

See so as I basically was saying geometry shapes architecture. Architecture is possible and only directly through geometry. Creating building finding areas and volumes of structures and finding the safest and honest ways of doing them is done through geometry. The role that geometry plays in architecture is very big and I want to thank you for your time in reading this essay.

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