Mba Case Study Questions

5 May 2017

CASE STUDY QUESTIONS B-101 (Principle & Practice of Management) Caselet-1 1)Critically analyze Mr. Vincent’s reasoning? 2)If you where the professor and you knew what were going through Vincent’s mind, what would you say to Vincent? Caselet-2 3)Diagnose the problem and enumerate the reasons for the failure of D’Cuhna ? 4)What could D’Cuhna have done to avoid the situation in which he found himself? B-102 (Human Resource Management) Caselet -1 1)Should benching be a matter of concern at Delta? 2)What are the risks involved in moving from projct-centric mode to amix of projects and products? Caselet-2 )Discuss that technological breakthrough has brought radical changes in HRM? B-103 (Financial Management) Caselet -1 1)Which type of financing is appropriate to each firm? 2)What types of securities must be issued by a firm which is on the growing stage in order to make the financial requirements? Caselet -2 3)How would you judge the potential profit of Bajaj Electronics on the first year of sales to Booth Plastics and give your leaves to increase the profit? 4)Suggestion regarding Credit limit? Should it be Approved or Not, What should be the amount of credit limit electronics give to Booth Plastics?

B-104 (Marketing Management) Caselet -1 1)What are the significant factors that have led to the success of Shoppers’ Stop? 2)Draw the typical profiles of Shoppers’ Stop customers segments? 3)How are Indian customers visiting Shoppers’ Stop any different from customers developed western counties? 4)How should Shoppers’ Stop develop its demand forecasts? Caselet -2 5)Considering the concept of product life cycle, where would you put video games in their life cycles? 6)Should video games companies continue to alter their products to include other functions, such a e-mail? B-105 (Organizational Behavior)

Caselet -1 1)How would you examine if there is any merit in the remarks of various functional managers? 2)What, in your opinion, could be the reasons for different managerial thinking in this case? 3)How would you design a system of getting correct information about job status to identify delays quickly? 4)What would you suggest to promote co-ordinate interaction of various people to meet the scheduled dates? Caselet -2 5)Whom do you think Rajender will eat with? Why? 6)If you where one of the other four men, what could you do to make Rajender’s transition easier? B-106 (Managerial Economics)

Caselet – 1 1)Plot the demand Schedule and draw the demand curve for the data given for Marijuana in the case above? 2)On the basis of analysis of the case above, what is your opinion leagelising Marijuana in Canada? Caselet-2 3)Is Indian companies running a risk by not giving attention to cost cutting? 4)Discuss whether Indian consumer goods industries growing at the cost of future profitability? 5)Discuss capital and labour productivity in engineering context and pharmaceutical industries in India? 6)Is textile industry in India performing better than its global competitors?

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