Mbti Reflective

2 February 2017

MBTI Reflective Essay Excitement builds as I sit to take the Meyers Briggs Type Inventory. I am tense and aware of the significance of the outcome.

Will my results fall inline with my own judgments about myself? I sit in a quiet room with my supplies neatly lined out in front of me, all distractions have been removed. I read each question throughly and weigh each answer carefully, paying special attention to the situations where more than one answer seems to fit. I complete it quickly and feel even more anticipation build as I score my results.I wonder out loud “J-3, P-2 what does it all mean? ” A few minutes of scoring and I have my result, “ENFJ, ENFJ” I can be heard muttering “ but what does that mean? ” The way the dichotomies are set up they help you to asses how certain aspects of your personality affect your life. In regards to my type; The E in my type indicates that I am Energized by the outside world, people and activities The N in my type says that I take in information through intuition The F in my type means that I make decisions with my feelings and the J in my type affects the lifestyle that I have chosen to live.I was impressed with how accurate my results were. Initially I was conflicted about the intuition versus thinking indicator.

Mbti Reflective Essay Example

I would normally consider myself a thinker by standard definition of the word, but to see that in this case thinkers versus feelers actually has more to do with making decision based on a set of values versus plain logic changes my self definition. Although I may have a very non traditional set of values, I still hold myself accountable to those ideals.Little did I know even the manner in which I sat down to take the type indicator would fall nicely inline with my results. Judging specifically speaks to a preference of living a planned and organized life. Making sure I had the supplies necessary to take the MBTI is a small example of how organized and planned I am. I am generally elected to be “The Planner” of any group trip, going as far as building spreadsheets and itinerary. What has become good nature joking between friends about my organizational skills has translated well for me in the business sector.

I am typically referred to as a great time manager, I am able to complete multiple tasks quickly sheerly due to my organizational skills. The result I was the most surprised about was being labeled a N for intuition. “Intuition (N) Preference for taking information through a sixth sense and noting what might be” (Hirsh and Kummerow 1-3) It wasn’t until I read the effects of preferences in work situations that this made more sense to me.Armed with this new knowledge about myself I plan to work on the pitfalls of my type mainly learning to be more objective about criticism and to strengthen the other characteristics. I am also better apt to determine the personality types of my peers based on the way they approach situations. Overall I am delighted at the results of my Meyers Briggs test and the possibilities of being able to identify others type in working and social situations. Now that you know my type my excitement shouldn’t surprise you at all.

Works Cited Hirsh, Sandra, and Jean Kummerow. Introductions to Type in Organizations. Third. 1-3. Print

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