Mcarthur Vitamin D Milk

12 December 2016

McArthur Farm Grove is located in the Port Saint Lucie, South Florida where the climate is tropical with regular rainfall, this causes the usual soil composition consisting of rock, sand and mud. Shapeflies terrain has been created in South Florida, helping farming situations. 2. McArthur farms consist of 8,500 cows, owned by a large corporate farm with a labor force of typical farm employees. 3. McArthur cows are fed waste milk, that contains little mastitis.

In this case all bacteria needs to be killed so the cows will consume good milk. B. 1. McArthur Milk was first produced in 1929 by Neville McArthur who created his own dairy with the produce of his own 20 cows. Over time, from Vero Beach to the Florida Keys, Neville McArthur gained the trust and loyalty of many families. 2. McArthur Milk is very important to our region’s economy , being the leading brand of diary products in South Florida. Though McArthur milk plays a vital role in our economy, it is 3.

Market for McArthur is not only in the United States but the Caribbean Islands and Central America. McArthur brand milk supplies to many major business such as Abaco Market, Publix, and Rams Supercenter just to name a few. C. 1. Tanker trucks are loaded with McArthur Milk to transport the milk while keeping it cool. Temperatures of the milk can not rise beyond 44 degrees F when checked or else the entire load of which the milk is in will be trashed. Trucks which transept the milk also have to be cleaned every 72 hours.

A characteristic of pasteurizing the milk is use of the Calf Milk Pasteurizer, a device which brings the milk to a temperature of 162 degrees F then cools it. 2. The largest market for McArthur Milk is in South Florida. D. 1. The type of images expressed from McAuthor milk are ones that is perfect for everyone. For example an Advertisement for McArthur milk produced one year ago by Grant Baird focuses on children who act as if they are grown-ups and no matter what their family size is the McAuthor milk is perfect.

The language expressed is PG, so everyone can relate with this criteria. 2. The characteristics of the targeted market are families as well as single individuals, both young and old. Children are persuaded by the flavors marketed while adults and senior citizens are targeted with the family advertisement expressed. 3. An element of the packing that coveys a sense of the market for the product is the Vitamin D label placed on the packaging of the sleeve label. This brings in consumers for the benefits of nutrition in the milk.

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