1 January 2018

This poem is known as a great attack on McCarthy. The townspeople who were too afraid to object the acts of the hangman symbolize the idle bystanders of McCarthy that allowed innocent people’s lives to be ruined because they were too afraid to put their own reputations at stake by objecting the false accusations of Communism in America. After witnessing the success Of Senator Joseph McCarthy in his claims Of having a list of some 205 communists in the State Department, several members of congress began to adopt his oppressive and abusive tactics for political purposes.In, “You Mean I’m Supposed to Stand on That? ” , Horrible of the Washington Post illustrates conservative Republican senators pushing a reluctant elephant to mount a very unstable platform.

The elephant of the political cartoon represents the “Good Old Party,” the traditional nickname for the Republican Party whose platform is generally conservative and soundly structured. The unstable platform symbolizes the adopted tactics being employed by the senators from Senator McCarthy. This cartoon, Horrible was the first to ever use the term known today as “McCarthy. This lapping from the New York Times newspaper is a report from the courtroom where the controversy of “The Army-McCarthy’ hearings took place. Representing from each side were Senator Joseph McCarthy, and Joseph N. Welch, a special counsel for the Army. This article is so imperative to the study of McCarthy because it depicts the opinions and feelings of people as they were experiencing the event being studied.

Mccarthyism Essay Example

It is difficult to understand a topic unless you have some sort of first-hand experience involving it, and when studying a subject of the past, that difficulty becomes nearly impossible.The uses of historical documents such as this are what make it possible for people in the present to fully comprehend the significance of the subject in mind. Without having insight to the issue, students become blind. In a telegram to President Harry S. Truman, Senator Joseph McCarthy follows up his speech made at Wheeling on the day of Abraham Lincoln birthday regarding a list of people belonging to the Department of Congress who have communistic connections. At the end of the telegram, McCarthy seems to demand that the President take action on this issue, he even suggests that the DemocraticParty would be guilty of communism if President Truman did not take action. McCarthy says, “Failure on your part will label the Democratic party Of being the bedfellow of international communism.

” McCarthy telegraph outlines how tenacious and aggressive he was in spreading the communism hysteria. An interpretation of this man’s insanity could even be drawn. The audacity of McCarthy lead him to speak condescendingly to the leader of the nation, demanding President Truman to follow his orders as if he were McCarthy personal assistant.

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