McDonald’s Enters the Chinese Market

4 April 2015
An exploration of the economic impact of McDonald’s entering the Chinese market.

McDonald’s is the largest food service retailer in the world with more than 30,000 restaurants in 121 countries. This paper explores the economic impact of McDonald’s entering the Chinese market. The two main economic impacts discussed are employment and the encouraging of greater foreign trade and investment. It also briefly describes the economic collaboration between America and China, the restaurant industry in China, and the goals that McDonald’s has for the Chinese Market.
Every new McDonald’s Restaurant creates at least 100 new job opportunities depending on the size of the store. So by 2013 McDonalds would have created at least 100,000 more jobs for China’s economy. In addition, McDonald’s provides its employees with an opportunity to advance in the organization, McDonald’s Restaurants offers comprehensive training programs to all staff levels and is committed to promoting from within. ( This commitment provides workers with increased pay and training.

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