Me Gusta Me Gusta by Los Buitres

9 September 2019

Me Gusta Me Gusta by Los Buitres. It’s a Spanish love song. This song is about this guy who loves everything about this one particular girl. He loves everything about her. He loves her hands, her body, her clothes, her smile, her laugh, her skin, her everything. He thinks she’s the “perfect” one for him; he’ll give his life just for her…..she is his life. And he just wants to let the girl know that he likes her.

When it says:

Me Gusta Me Gusta by Los Buitres Essay Example

Ayyy me gusta me gusta me gusta
Me gusta me gusta me gusta andar contigo
Salir contigo y vivir contigo
Dormir contigo y Sonar contigo
I Like; I like; I like;
I like; I like; I like being with you
Going out with you and living with you
Sleep with you and dream with you

Like I said in the beginning; this guy likes everything about this girl and like doing everything with this girl.

I am a really BIG fan of this song. Every time I hear just have to bump up the volume and sing along. This song puts people in a good mood because it talks about love and loving that special someone in your life.

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