Me Hennessy & You Remix by Dej Loaf ft. Lil wayne

10 October 2019

What grabbed my attention the first time I hit play on Dej Loaf’s newest remix, “Me Hennessy & You,” with Lil Wayne was hearing the artist singing a nice slow rhythm over rapping. If you have heard “Try Me” sung by Dej Loaf and listened to her song, “Me Hennessy & You”, you can see that there are two sides of this artist: the violent side and the nice, romantic side.“Try Me” represents the violent side and “Me Hennessy & You” represents the romantic side.

I’m not a fan of Lil Wayne, but I have to say he killed the track. He added a little umph to the song, making it better. Instead of talking about Hennessy you are going to hear him talking about other drugs that are used by him, “Makeup off, no weed, glasses off / Codeine, Adderall.” Both the way he sings and what he sings about are unexpected.

Dej Loaf was talking about working with Wayne on the song. “It’s really like a personal song, some songs don’t need to be touched sometimes. And if it was going to be touched, I wanted it to be great, so he did a great job,” said Loaf.

The song’s seductive lyrics are inappropriate, so younger kids should not listen to this track. For example:“You kiss on my thighs, then you eat it, pause for a minute then I let you beat it.”

Overall the song is wonderful. I recommend you should check the song out it has a slow tempo beat with two talented artist on the track.

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