Me Too by Meghan Trainor

1 January 2020

The newest single from American singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor, “Me Too” (part of her second studio album Thank You) has been released—a while ago, actually. The single, released on May 5th 2016, (followed by a music video on May 9th) was produced by Ricky Reed, and was written by Trainor, Eric Frederic, Jacob Hindlin, Jason Desrouleaux, and Peter Svensson. Trainor’s previous hits like All About That Bass and more recently, the single “No”, has made her into one of the leading stars in pop–but where does “Me Too” fit in all that?

Despite being catchy as always, Meghan Trainor’s new song offers no real value nor quality music. Instead, it would more accurately be titled as a self-bragging tune, than anything else, to be honest. (“If I was you, I’d wanna be me too.”)Although Trainor is known for her so-called empowering and self-confident songs, “Me Too” blurs the line between empowerment and bragging about Trainor’s own success. “I go straight to VIP, I never pay for my drinks, my entourage behind me.” Yeah, unfortunately for us poor folks, that’s not the life we get, Trainor. It’s true that Trainor has accomplished quite a bit in her short career, and she has the right to be proud for sure, but… let’s just say it’s not something everyone wants to hear about. We get it, you’re famous! Good for you. Apart from the upbeat and admittedly catchy beat and tune, Me Too isn’t really anything too special when you get down to it.

Me Too by Meghan Trainor Essay Example

Personally, I don’t have too much against Meghan Trainor, but although “Me Too” does have some merits, and is a fun track, it just isn’t doing it like Trainor’s other songs. Maybe for some this song is perfect to boost confidence and make them feel good about themselves, but otherwise…Trust me, you’re probably better off without this song. If you need a confidence booster, I’m sure there are plenty of more worthwhile songs to choose from!

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