Mean Girls Essay

7 July 2016

This movie, Mean Girls, is a very interesting movie that shows that you should always be yourself no matter what people think and no matter what they have to say. A few of the main characters in this movie include Cady Heron, Regina George, Karen Smith, Gretchen Weiners, and Ms. Norbury. All of these characters take part in the high school that the film take place in. The director of this movie is Mark Waters; he is a film director and producer. This movie was published in the year of 2004. This movie contains one type of genre which is the “Drama” category.

This movie runs for approximately 97 minutes. I really enjoyed watching this movie. It is interesting to see how people’s attitudes can change due to one person and a specified reality check. This movie portrays that some of the smallest things can make a big difference within people’s attitudes and personalities. In 2004, Cady Heron had to leave her homeschooling and start going to public school. Cady was homeschooled all of her life and didn’t know what it was like to go to school with a bunch of teenagers. Cady lived in Africa her entire life, which was where her parents had a working contract. When she first reached high school, in the first couple of days she met Janice and Damian, who were known in the “Out Crowd” and completely against the “Plastics”.

Mean Girls Essay Essay Example

The “Plastics” had three beautiful and popular girls in it, the most popular, Regina, Gretchen, and the least popular of the three, Karen. The “Plastics” attention was automatically brought to Cady when they noticed how pretty and easily-influenced she would be. But Cady, being unsure about them, kept her friends Janice and Damian. Cady eventually ends up becoming close friends with the “Plastics” so that she can retrieve their darkest secrets and tell them to Janice and Damian. Little does everyone know, Cady soon starts to turn into a “Plastic”. When Cady falls for Regina’s ex-boyfriend, Aaron, that soon causes a problem between the two girls and makes Regina snap on the rest of the “Plastics” which leaves Cady in charge. When the story first begins, it takes place in a high school located in Evanston, Illinois, but the film was also shot in Toronto, Ontario.

During most of the Evil plans and evil actions that the “Plastics” do, the camera was zoomed into their face in order to see their expression. This movie has various camera angles that all support what’s going on in the intense and dramatic scenes. Most of the Dolly shots are found at the end of the movie when they show what happens after the Homecoming dance. As they reach the end of the movie, they start narrating. The costume designers did an amazing job. They dressed the actors appropriately according to the year this movie took place in. The lightning during the speech at the dance makes everything seem more sincere and intense. In my opinion, the two main characters in this film are Cady Heron and Regina George.

A majority of the film focuses on their relationship. Regina is the leader of the “Plastics”. Her nasty attitude towards anyone outside of that group is changed when she meets Cady. Regina was first very nice to Cady because she was very easy to influence and didn’t know much about the crowds in high school. As she sees the way Cady is acting and changing, she realizes that they will no longer get along based on how Cady was acting. Cady and Regina became distant and treated each other as if they didn’t exist. Cady is the new-girl in her high school. In the beginning, Cady cares about nobody but herself, but then realizes that she is making friends, and she tries to look out for them. Once Regina and Cady have a talk, Cady realizes that Regina is really just and evil back-stabber and those from the “Out Crowd” were completely right. Regina and Cady then treat each other as if they’re worthless.

All the actors show a great amount of intensity and passion during the film. You can really see the connection that they really started to have, and that made the movie ten times better and even more interesting. Mean Girls relies on the theme; “Take me as I am, or watch me as I go.” I think it relies on this theme because at first Cady changed the way she was acting around everyone in order to fit in and seem liked, but it only made her look fake. Cady later on learns that if people aren’t willing to accept her for who she is, than they shouldn’t deserve to be in her life. In my opinion, changing who you are in order to fit in is only hurting yourself because you are not able to stay true to yourself.

This movie is amazing, I loved it, and the overall point of the movie changed the way I choose to think about people. I learned that if I don’t really show who I am, I will be hurting myself by not being honest and true to myself, which is giving myself the “short end of the stick” and hiding my true potential. This movie could bring people together and help them focus on someone’s personality instead of what they look like. In my perspective, this movie really does demonstrate loyalty, trust, and respect, which are very important keys to life.

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