2 February 2017

Session 3666 Mechatronics Engineering Laboratory Development at San Jose State University J. C. Wang, B. J. Furman, T. R.

Hsu, P. Hsu, P. Reischl and F. Barez Departments of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering San Jose State University San Jose, California, 95192. USA. Abstract The Mechanical Engineering Department of San Jose State University has been developing a new mechatronics engineering laboratory since Fall 1995.This laboratory is intended to provide engineering students on the application of electronics, microprocessors and software in designing electro-mechanical systems , mechatronics products and process control systems.

The laboratory development is a principal part of an award for “ Undergraduate Curriculum Development on Mechatronics System Engineering ” by the division of undergraduate education of the National Science Foundation (NSF).Major task of the new laboratory is to support instruction and provide hands-on study of two of the five new courses : ME106 Fundamentals of Mechatronics System Engineering and ME 190 Mechatronics System Design. This paper presents the progress made in developing the new mechatronics engineering laboratory.

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1. Introduction The rapid advances of microprocessor and microcomputer technologies in the 1980’s have broadened the application of mechatronics to many products and systems, ranging from common household electromechanical products to highly sophisticated space gadgetry and devices.A broader definition of Mechatronics being adopted by the team of instructors at San Jose State University ( SJSU ) is that mechatronics is a technology that relates to the design and manufacture of intelligent products or processes involving hybrid mechanical and electronic functions.

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