Medea by Euripides and by Seneca

4 April 2015
A comparison of two versions of the story.

This paper compares the two versions of Medea, one by Euripides and another by Seneca. The Greek mythological Medea is known for her evil nature and dangerous passions, which drove her wild with jealousy, and she committed a series of murders to make her husband suffer. This paper examines the story of Medea.
From the paper:

“Medea is a despicable character of Greek mythology and Euripides later produced a play on her story. The Euripides’s version of Medea is the most popular though many others presented their own versions. Along with Euripides, Seneca also produced a well-known play on the subject. There have been slight differences in all available versions of Medea, but the plot remains the same. Medea was the princess of Colchis who fell in love with Jason and helped him obtain the Golden Fleece through her powers of Witchcraft. She knew magic and sorcery and often used her skills for her ulterior motives.”

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