Media and Celebrities

1 January 2017

People originally like to know about the life of famous people, they follow their life experiences, their clothes, their ordinary life; people like to copy their idols. Celebrities by themselves use such famous Internet services like FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace to communicate with fans, to raise their popularity. New singers and actors are using media to market their talent; it is a best way to become famous.

Media and celebrities are cooperating with each other and both of them are in advantage. This essay will discuss relationships between media and celebrities, how they benefit from each other, celebrity endorsement with the example of David Beckham, how the media negatively affects celebrities, successful examples of celebrities in media like a Justin Bieber, Ozbornes and Kim Kardashyan, how they changed peoples views. Celebrities are very important part of media world.

According to Branston (2010) and Stafford (2010) celebrity is someone seen as having the same access to fame as stars, and with a constructed ‘parallel media narrative’ of their life, but without the same level of achievement in the cultural sphere which initially made them famous.

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Media and celebrities are interrelated. It can be said that media built celebrities. We would not have received celebrities without media. Media shows them on television, newspapers, magazines, companies use them to advertise and sell their products.

The same time celebrities use media to market themselves, to raise their popularity. There is strong correlation between them. Moreover media impacts from celebrities economically, it is very profitable and also celebrities will exist every time, it is the strongest area of the media which will bring profit. There are many journals, which based on gossips, stories about celebrities and as a result of their popularity some of them increased their prices. According to Wright A. (2008), ‘’ In October 2007, the price of an OK magazine increased from $1. 99 to $2. 9 in December, and People, “the champion of celebrity magazines” also increased from $3. 49 to $3. 99. ’’ Moreover most successful advertisements are adverts with famous people. Companies spend huge amount of money for that but usually it is compensated. Participation of celebrities in adverts is called covert advertising, celebrity endorsement. Rayner (2004), Wall (2004) and Kruger (2004) state, ‘’Celebrity endorsement is often used to give a particular brand or product “added value’’ or particular ideological meaning by associating it with well-known atars or personalities’’.

Best example of it is Beckham. Advertisers present David Beckham like an ordinary person, like a guy who was born not in reach family and achieved all his success through his talent. He is beautifull man, good husband and ideal father. As it was mentioned before, celebrities use Internet to market themselves. It best way to become famous. Best example of how Internet created new star is Justin Bieber. His career began on YouTube, where he downloaded his video with singing the Justin Timberlake song. He got millions of views and Usher noticed him.

Now Bieber is using the Internet to communicate with his fans through Twitter and FaceBook. Also many journals published photos of his poor past, how he was suffering which just increased his popularity. It is a great example of how media instruments positively affect celebrities. However there are many bad effects of media on celebrities. Firstly is that media interference in private life. It is undeniable that media is impacted a lot by celebrities, particularly from showing their private life. Apart from their public life when they look beautiful it shows another, dark part of celebrities life. Wright A. 2008) states, ‘’ In this digital era, it is not difficult to find information about celebrities, no matter how personal; private addresses of stars have been posted in both gossip columns and traditional media outlets”. Nowadays people know more about Beckhams family rather than about politics. In the Internet people can find not just beautiful photos of famous people in dresses and costumes, it is full of paparazzi photos and private celebrities videos. People know not just their good parts of life; they know mostly everything about their divorces, scandals and other bad thing that can happen in the life.

It can be considered as interference in private life, it is why many celebrities are arguing about benefits of media on their lives. Many celebrities are arguing about that because like any other ordinary person they want their private life to stay private. However there is a very widespread case that celebrities are showing their private life on television or online by creating a reality show. For example it happened to the Osborne family. Ozzi Osborne finished his career a long time ago but he has a very creative and interesting family and MTV decided that it would be great attraction for people.

They made four seasons of this show and it was highly successful. After them Jessica Simpson and Nick Lishe appeared with the analogue of it. Today MTV is showing a similar show about Kim Kardashyan’s life. Moreover she is a great example of how celebrities and media can change people views and standards of beauty. In the past fashion world was based on skinny models, but with appearing of Kardashyan it changed. Now brands are targeting mostly women with curves, because she looks beautiful on photos, her figure became her brand through the media.

Even her private videos that we published in the Internet increased her popularity. To conclude, celebrities is a very important part of the media world. People like to know about life of famous famous, that why it is very profitable to show them on TV, publish in magazines and newspapers, show them in the Internet. It is one the reasons why media is higly impacted by celebrities. Despite the fact that media has bad effects on celebrities, they still use it to promote themselves in a good or in a bad way. Celebrities use services like a Twitter, Facebook to market their talents.

Moreover companies use them to promote their product, which can be considered as a best way to advertise, sell product. Without Media society could not get a celebrities. Bibliography: Branston, G. Stafford, R. 2010. The Media Student’s Book. 5th Edition. Routledge. Rayner, P. Wall, P. Kruger, S. 2004. Convert Advertising. AS Media Studies: The Essential Introduction. 2nd Edition. Routledge. Wright, A. 2008. Blinding Lights: The Negative Effects of the Media on Celebrities. Journalism Department, California Polytechnic State University.

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