Media and the War on Terrorism

A paper which discusses the media’s manipulation of the war on terrorism.

A paper which presents a detailed discussion about the war on terrorism and the media’s manipulation of the war. The writer outlines the societal views of the US attacks on Middle Eastern soil. The writer also describes the way the media has manipulated society members regarding the attacks by refusing to cover certain issues and cooperating with the US government.
“One of the earliest ways that the media began to manipulate the world opinion about the United States attack in the Middle East was its coverage of Bin Laden’s reaction to the attacks on 9-11. The media on an almost world wide basis began to claim in November that Bin Laden had proclaimed credit was his for the attacks(Truth pg 10).

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Media and the War on Terrorism
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Media in the United States, Britain, New Zealand and other nations insisted that he had admitted, we did it (Truth pg 10). It was reported that he confessed on a news network in England. This would have a very heavy impact on the way society would view Bin Laden and the war against the Middle East. Until this occurred, America as well as other nations were outraged at the attacks on America which killed thousands of civilians but there was a hesitation about who to attack. ”

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