Media Convergence Worksheet

10 October 2016

Media convergence is something that impacts us in our everyday life, and has become the way of life that society adapts and changes to accordingly. Fact is, convergence of media is so intertwined in our lives that we cannot function in today’s world without encountering it each day. First we started only with written letter, then we proceeded typing that letter on a typewriter, follow that up with the ability to Fax and email. A personal example of how media convergence has helped me recently; I have been working on refinancing my home.

In the past all of the documents and correspondence would have been by mail. In this time sensitive process I could miss a dead line or correct an error at the expense of several days wait time. With the convergences of a scanner, internet, and e-mail I was able to fill out, sign, and send all of the paperwork in only one afternoon. Any mistakes I made were easy to correct and send forward in a matter of minutes. In the past those mistakes may have cost me my refinancing. Another area that is greatly affected for all of us is how we bank today.

Media Convergence Worksheet Essay Example

I rarely need to go into a branch to handle my finances. Many banks can make a deposit from into your account with just a picture of the check. I can access, transfer, and manage my accounts and bills all from my computer at home. What is meant by the term media convergence with regard to business, and how has it affected everyday life? It goes without saying that media convergence is a speedy process that is affecting our careers too. It is getting more and more competitive out there, employees need to start learning the converged technology as soon as it appears.

Not only this but entire offices and companies have reduced in size. Papers are slowly disappearing from officers and certain slow working tools such as pens and typewriters are also disappearing. For example; consider those who are in media jobs, technology conversions are constantly changing the game when it comes to office and media skills. Even those who have already landed a job based on specific skills, are forced to stay on top of the new and emerging medias. School is never over for someone who works in the media world. At one time a person had to have asic knowledge about a few programs on the computer to be considered for a job. There was one form of technology (the PC) and it was pretty standard across the board. Now we have numerous different systems and programs to choose from. Each company is different and each need a certain set of skills. Social medias have started to play a huge part in marketing and promoting both ourselves and the job. Being able to responsibly navigate and participate in theses mediums is vital to landing a career. What are some of the issues that result from dependency on modern media?

Describe at least three issues. Media tends to influence and it’s obvious, there are positive as well as negative influences. However, it also depends upon the way audiences perceive things. The power of media is by far recognized by everybody in terms of advertising, marketing and as a medium to broadcast information to people at large. Since mass media is used to communicate and interact with people from various walks of life, the information reported may not be authentic from every angle. So there may be a misinterpretation of a Situation.

News can also be manipulated to influence the minds of the audiences. For example; a particular political party may manipulate reports in their favor, which would indicate the political control in the media. Media bias can occur due to various issues. One of the most obvious and played out problem we see is when a particular event or a celebrity may receive undue importance. As a result society may get a warped perception of what is important, and stories that warrant the public’s real attention are overshadowed by gossip and fluff, leaving the news as it is reported lacking in substance.

Not to mention that the dependence on all of these forms of media ultimately hinges on the use of the internet and electricity. If one or both of these were to fail, society may fail with it. We already have TV shows that play with the fact of this happening. Ironically we could not watch them if it did happen! Instead of environmental issues or the threat of war being our biggest worry, we now have to plan what would happen if your countries intricate system of media and technological advances crashed.

Leaving us with no money, no long distance communication, and loss of production of billions of everyday items we are so spoiled by. How does media literacy help with responsible media consumption? By being aware of all medias ability to manipulate, trick or persuade the viewer through a bias argument or article, a person may avoid buying a product or uncritically accepting a point of view. Understanding how media is created, and how all the tools and techniques (like camera angles, lighting, colors, music, etc. ) are used by the professionals, will make one more apt to identify and appreciate really good media products.

The understanding that all media is created by someone for some purpose will make one a more skeptical and responsible media user. However; just because a person is educated about media literacy does not mean they are immune to a fake website or bad information. Step one is being able to recognize something needs further investigation, step two is the skill to research and dig up the source of that information. Then determine if the information is credible and reliable. A somewhat shallow but common example of this would be the news headlines that read that political figure or celebrity has dies.

Often the social web sites will blow up with the news that our beloved actor or actress has passed away in a tragic accident. However after careful consideration and access to a reliable (maybe more traditional) news source, we discover that it is a rumor and nothing more. Media literacy, in short, is the ability to use discernment and investigate any, and all, information that is obtained through a media outlet. Understanding and participating in media literacy will ensure that the individual is protected from opinion and false information.

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