Media Images of Women

1 January 2017

Women who look at thinner and taller women think negatively of themselves; they become insecure and develop a low self-esteem. In today’s advertising, people find the best suited person to be in their ads. They only expect young, thin, and tall models to be in them. The advertisers figure the more attractive looking the models are, the more people will look at the advertisements. This is indeed true, because how many commercials or magazines do you encounter that do not have these physical attractions. Why are standards of beauty being imposed on women, the majority of whom are naturally larger and mature than any of the models?

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Media Images of Women
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The average model is around 5’11โ€ and weighs about 117lbs. On the other hand, the average woman is usually 5’4โ€ and weighs close too 140lbs. This is ludicrous, since 80% of women are unhappy with their appearance. Women who are insecure of their bodies are more likely to buy into beauty product and diet supplements. It is estimated that the diet industry alone is worth anywhere between 40 to 100 billion dollars a year selling temporary weight loss; about 90 to 95% of dieters regain the lost weight. Other results lead to depression and unhealthy eating habits. Still, no matter how much weight a woman loses.

It is never enough to satisfy a women’s thirst for beauty and perfection. Yi 2 Life is always a big competition to everybody, especially for women. When females are constantly exposed to images that conform to the same sociocultural standards of attractiveness from the media, they are sent a message about how they must appear in order to be judged as attractive. For example, you come across a girl who is skinny and pretty, but she isn’t satisfied with herself and thinks she is fat or wishes she can lose more weight. This is cause of the media, it makes young women look at thin models and they see themselves as fat in comparison.

Honestly, how much weight does a woman need to lose to become satisfied? They do this in order to fish for compliments from other people, so they can feel better about themselves. Woman are blinded from their natural beauty, because they are corrupted by ads shown on T. V commercials and magazines. Popular magazines like People, Rolling Stone or Star. Each one of them you find tall, thin, young physical attractions. Examples are movie stars, models, or big time celebrities, which makes ordinary people think of themselves unattractive. An example of a celebrity is Kim Kardashian.

She is beautiful and well known. Young women look up to her and wants to know her secrets to be like her. She is probably in every magazine I have mentioned. She even has her own television show, also she is in many commercials and even has her own perfume brand. People look at her with astonish eyes. Have you ever seen the commercial with the Sketcher: Shape ups with Kim Kardashian in it? It shows how well toned her body is head from toe. It is set at a gym and her kicking her personal trainer to the side and saying, โ€œI don’t need himโ€,and winks.

This is sending a message out saying, buy the shoes Kim is wearing and it will make you beautiful like her. That should not be the way to sell your ads. It is being bias about advertising. It’s not like wearing the shoes instantly makes you like Kim Kardashian. Commercials should motivate people rather than showing a unrealistic idea. They should show a positive and healthier way. An example is, they should Yi 3 motivate consumers in their advertisements. The advertisers should have showed Kim exercising with the shoes and made her look like she is working to get that perfect body rather than just wearing the shoes.

One celebrity I think highly of is Adele. She is well known singer. She has a beautiful voice, as an angel. She does not have all the physical attraction. She does not have a body like Kim Kardashian but she is still beautiful in her own way. Adele’s singing motivates many people who loves her work. Her physical appearance even impresses everybody. We see so many artist, and they all look the same tall, thin, and young. Adele on the other hand, does not fall into that category, which makes her the unique and favorable. People believe anything they see in television or in magazine; it scares me.

Is society so sucked into who is more beautiful than one another? They see something they like and they try to be it. Why not be yourself and show your own beauty. Rather than being something you are not. Woman pay too much attention what is in the media and they forget about themselves and their true beauty. Women suffer way to much in order to create a perfect body image to prove to themselves, that they are beautiful. We need to put healthier images of beauty in the advertising business. Maybe even then women would feel a bit better of themselves and bring a healthier lifestyle.

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