Media Portrayal of Stereo Types

Most rappers are black people and the way the media orators them causes people of others races to look at them in a negative manner. To carry on the country singer example, most people look at country singers in a positive manner. The rap music that blasts from the stereo causes stereotypes, maybe that where that word originated from. When a jury member enters the court room those stereotypes are embedded in there subconscious. They may sneak and watch the news or talk to people about the rapper their judging.The usual senior is the prosecutors play the rappers USIA and videos in court, the jurors hear the music and automatically deliberate a guilty verdict based off the rappers violent lyrics.

Most rappers have a vivid imagination that should be taken into account but usually that is not the case. The Media caused the death of two famous rappers “Tuba Shaker’ and Biggie Smalls” by sensationalistic a fall out between the two rappers. “Mr.. Shaker was a complex and sometimes contradictory figure, with a career featuring million-selling albums, gunshot wounds and run-ins with the police.He was an intelligent, vivid writer who had studied acting at the High School of Performing Arts in Baltimore; he was an accomplished rapper with a husky baritone and crisp enunciation. He was also a convicted sex offender, and the words ‘”Thug Life” and “Outlaw” were tattooed on his body.

” “It’s really unfortunate that the violent perception that the world has of that young man may be exacerbated by the way he died: art is being confused with real life,” Mr.. Shaker’s lawyer, Shawn S. Chapman, said yesterday in Los Angels.There was this wonderful, charming, bright, talented, funny person that no one is going to get to know; they are just going to know this other side. Hopefully, this will have some positive effect on people the gang members who are shooting each other. ” “Although some may say that Tuba laid down in the bed he made, it is always unfortunate when someone with talent dies at such a young age, regardless of circumstances, hopefully the reaction to what has happened will dampen enthusiasm for violence among those who looked up to him, rather than promote it.

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