Media Preferences

6 June 2016

BOTH have chosen the Saturday nation to advertise for their products which is a loved newspaper in the country. They type of products being sold they majorly target people with ability to buy the newspaper. If one can be able to buy a phone especially one for two, he is able to afford a newspaper.


Media Preferences Essay Example

The Bata advert has not given a time frame for the advert but from the mood of the advert it shows it targets Christmas period. This kind of advert which doesn’t have a time frame may mislead a target customer.

The Telkom advert shows a time frame of 31 days and the first draw is on the 17th December 2007. This advert gives a customer an absolute time in which he will participate in this offer.


The Telkom Company has given details where they are found including their websites unfortunately in the advert of Bata it is generalized. They are telling the customers to walk to any Bata stores countrywide.


Telkom advertisement is more attractive. I have preferred the Telkom advertisement because it looks attractive to a person. It is more appealing. It can easily draw somebody’s attention. The Bata advertisement is poor because it is not attractive. It can not attract someone’s eyes from a distance.

The Telkom advertisement can attract someone’s eyes from a far distance. It draws the attention of a person.

Used a group of people

The Telkom advertisement has used people who are happy and proud. The Telkom advertisement is considered to be great because the people are happy and proud using the product they are advertising.

The Bata advertisement has only shown shoes and their prices. It does not appeal to people. This advertisement does not encourage people to buy the shoes.

By showing happy people using the phone, some people will associate the phone with happiness and end up buying it unlike the Bata advertisement that does not include people in it.

Use of different font styles/ different  font colors and different  font sizes

The Telkom advertisement is great because different font styles with different colours, different font sizes. The Bata advertisement has only use two font styles.

The different font styles make this advertisement to look more professional. The advertisement has used both big and small fonts. This font has got also different colours. This makes the advertisement to look great. Some fonts are yellow, white, blue, red and brown. This demonstrates how different font sizes appeal to the public but in the Bata advertisement only red fonts similar size have been used. This makes it look a poor advertisement.

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