In the lecture hall The entire exam will be drawn trot the following material: Part One: One-page essays: 1 . Describe the principal program types on radio broadcasting in the sass and sass. In what ways did some of these programs reflect and perhaps reinforce prevailing prejudices? Cite specific examples from such programs as Amos ‘n’ Andy and the name changes of such performers Benjamin Subtasks. Nathan Barnum. And Margarita Casino to support your answer. 2.

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Providing specific examples of teleplays, explain the nature of the anthology television dramas of the sass and sass. Discuss at least four specific factors that contributed to the demise of this program type in favor of quiz shows and episodic series. What does the demise of this format suggest about program limitations and 3. Drawing upon lecture, class discussion, and assigned reading, explain how the Hollywood studio system of the sass and sass operated. Explain three developments that contributed to the demise of this system in the decade following the Second World War.

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