Media Theory in Practice

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the media equation theory – the increasing connection that has been made between technology and humanity.

This paper presents a detailed discussion about the media equation theory and its applications. The author of this paper uses the movie “The Truman Show” to develop an understanding for the reader of what the media equation theory is and how it can be applied to media examples such as the movie. The paper includes a comprehensive bibliography.
“Through the use of media manipulation we have perpetuated the media equation theory. As technology continues to advance we find our media tools taking on more humanistic type qualities. Studies are showing that people around the world are assigning human like emotions to the interaction they receive through media tools today. As we move further into the future we will most likely continue to “humanize computers” and other media methods of communication. The media equation theory seems to be evolving as the actual behavior of humans evolves. The theory is a sound theory though rather curious as to what the future will hold.”
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